• Cable from Roy Isacowitz, Financial Mail, to FVZS 

      Slabbert, F. van Zyl (Frederik van Zyl), 1940-2010
      Edited version of article to fit the space at the Financial Mail’s disposal.
    • Caledon in ons kultuurgeskiedenis 

      Thom, Hendrik Bernardus, 1905-1983
      Address on the history of the town of Caledon, delivered at the 150 year anniversary of the town, 6 September 1961.
    • I Campi d'Oro dell' Africa Australe 

      Cocorda, Giulio D. (Roma : Presso La Societa Geografica Italiana, 1889)
      Pamphlet on the gold fields of Southern Africa.
    • Camps de reconcentration : rapport d’une visite de Miss Hobhouse dans les camps de l’Orange et du Cap 

      Hobhouse, Emily, 1860-1926 (Paris : E. Mauchaussat, 1901)
      Report of a visit to the camps of women and children in the Cape and Orange River colonies by Emily Hobhouse.
    • Canada : Transvaal 

      Aron, Joseph (Paris : Albert Savine, 1896)
      An argument centered on British imperialism at the Transvaal, and the execution of Riel in Canada.
    • The Cape Legislature 

      Unknown author (The Transvaal Publishing Company, 1906)
    • Cape Metropolitan Boundary Study 

      De Vries, A. J. M.; Dennis Moss Partnership Inc.; Van Rooyen, Andries; Uys, Frederick; Van der Merwe, Izak; Van Wyk and Louw Inc.; Conningarth Consultants
      Cape Metropolitan Boundary Study commissioned by the Municipalities of Franschhoek, Gordon's Bay, Paarl, Somerset West, Strand, Stellenbosch and Wellington.
    • The case of the Boers in the Transvaal 

      Davison, Charles Frederick (London : William Ridgway, 1881)
      Charles F. Davison endeavours to briefly and concisely put the history of the case of the Boers in the Transvaal to the public.
    • The causes of the war in South Africa 

      Schreiner, Theophilus Lyndall, b. 1844 (London : McCorquodale and Co., 1901)
      An address delivered by Mr Theophilus Lyndall Schreiner on the causes of the Anglo-Boer War.
    • The causes of transition in South Africa 

      Slabbert, F. van Zyl (Frederik van Zyl), 1940-2010
      Published in: Transition: South Africa and transition from authoritarian rule / two papers / by André du Toit and Van Zyl Slabbert. Mowbray: Institute for a Democratic Alternative for South Africa, [19--]. IDASA occasional ...
    • A Century of injustice : synopsis of a message to the people of South-Africa, sent by the Government of the South-African Republic 

      Van der Hooght, C. W.; Joubert, P. J. (Petrus Jacobus), 1831-1900; Reitz, Francis William, 1844-1934; Smuts, Jan Christiaan, 1870-1950; Steyn, M. T. (Marthinus Theunis), 1857-1916 (Baltimore, Md. : [s.n.], 1899)
      A century of injustice, generally attributed to F.W. Reitz; and also to J.C. Smuts. C.W. van der Hoogt’s contribution addressed to the American people.
    • A century of wrong 

      Reitz, Francis William, 1844-1934 (London : "Review of Reviews" Office, 1899)
      A Century of Wrong was issued at Pretoria by the State Secretary F. W. Reitz, on the outbreak of the Anglo-Boer War and possesses a historical value as expressing the views of President Kruger's State Secretary at the ...
    • The challenge of institution building in transition 

      Slabbert, F. van Zyl (Frederik van Zyl), 1940-2010
      Published as: “The challenge of institution-building in the transition to democracy”, in: Democratic nation-building in South Africa / editors, Nic Rhoodie, Ian Liebenberg. Pretoria: HSRC Publishers, 1994, pp. 449 - 454.
    • Challenges for 1992 

      Slabbert, F. van Zyl (Frederik van Zyl), 1940-2010
      The relationship between those who participate or not in negotiations; the relationship between negotiation and administration; the relationship between stability and consent; the relationship between civil society and ...
    • Chamberlain's war 

      Conybeare, C. A. V. (Charles Augustus Vansittart), 1853-1919
      Statement submitted by Mr. C.A.V. Conybeare regarding Mr. Joseph Chamberlain, the Colonial Secretary, whom he believes is a traitor to the best interests of this Country and that the dishonesty, duplicity, and chicanery ...
    • Change and human rights in South Africa 

      Slabbert, F. van Zyl (Frederik van Zyl), 1940-2010
      Speech delivered at the Edgar Brookes Memorial Lecture (formerly called the Edgar Brookes Lecture for Academic & Human Freedom), at the University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg.
    • Changes to FVZS’s Financial Mail article by Prof. N.J.J. Olivier 

      Slabbert, F. van Zyl (Frederik van Zyl), 1940-2010
      Changes to FVZS’s Financial Mail article by Prof. N.J.J. Olivier.
    • Chants for the Boer 

      Miller, Joaquin, 1837-1913 (San Francisco : The Whitaker & Ray Company, 1900)
      Songs on the Anglo-Boer War to the Boers.
    • The Chicago Chronicle and President Kruger 

      Rennie, John O'D (Chicago : American Transvaal League, 1901)
      United States opinion of Paul Kruger and the South African war.
    • Chinese labour 

      Macnamara, T. J. (Thomas James), 1861-1931 (London : New Age Press, 1904)
      Dr Macnamara insists Lord Milner's unconcealed partisanship in favour of indentured Chinese Labour in the Transvaal is a grave scandal. Natal and the Cape are keenly against the introduction of Chinese labourers into South Africa.