• Table Bay & Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope 

      Callander, Alexander; Jukes, F.
      View over Table Bay form direction Oranjezicht.
    • Table Bay, Cape of Good Hope 

      Bowler, Thomas William, 1812-1869; Picken, A.
      Depicts a rowing boat in the foreground with Table Bay and a larger sailing ship in the background.
    • Table Bay, Cape of Good Hope 

      Huggins, William John, 1781-1845; Sutherland, T.
      Depicting ships in Table Bay.
    • Taung hut with a mosiac pattern 

      Walton, James, 1911-1999
      Photograph depicting a Taung hut with a mosiac pattern.
    • Taxaceae & Pinaceae 

      Marloth, R. (Rudolf), 1855-1931 (1913)
      Plate 17 from The flora of South Africa (vol. 1) featuring Taxaceae & Pinaceae.
    • De telling is afgeloopen 

      Greaves, M. E. (1900)
      Photograph depicting the end of the census process.
    • Tertia Residence, 1906 

      Unknown author
      Sepia group photograph of Tertia residence students.
    • Thatching a reed-walled cottage, near Leipoldville 

      Walton, James, 1911-1999
      Photograph depicting the thatching of a reed-walled cottage, near Leipoldville.
    • Theewaterskloof, Genadendal, Berea Moravian Church 

      Gebruder Bachert (Firm)
      Photographs and information on the Berea Moravian Church, Genadendal, and its bell. The Berea Moravian Church has a neat horseshoe type bell tower at the end of the right side of the church. The decorations on the bell are ...
    • Theewaterskloof, Genadendal, Museum 

      Gruhl (Firm)
      Photographs and information on bells in the Genadendal Museum. The Genadendal Museum houses an enormous number of items that refer to the daily life of the inhabitants of the village. Among the items on display are a number ...
    • Theewaterskloof, Greyton, Dutch Reformed Church 

      Louw & Louw (Firm); J. F. Weule (Firm)
      Photographs and information on the bells of the Dutch Reformed Church in Greyton, South Africa. The Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk has been built by by Louw & Louw in 1937. The church has an impressive bell tower in which ...
    • Theewaterskloof, Greyton, Moravian Church 

      Barwell, James
      Photographs and information on the Moravian Church in Greyton and its bell. The Moravian Church used to be a lovely building with a bell tower at its end on the right hand side. In the bell tower hangs a BARWELL bell without ...
    • Theewaterskloof, Greyton, St. Andrew's Anglican Church 

      Unknown author
      Photographs of the St Andrew’s Anglican Church in Greyton. There is also the St Andrew’s Anglican Church hat has a turret with a red painted bell, seemingly without any decoration or inscription.
    • Theewaterskloof, Riviersonderend, Dutch Reformed Church 

      J. F. Weule (Firm)
      Photographs and information on the Dutch Reformed Church, Riviersonderend, and its bell. The Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk serves a congregation that was created in 1922. The current church building is very impressive, in ...
    • Theewaterskloof, Riviersonderend, Dutch Reformed Church, Church Hall 

      Unknown author
      Photographs and information on the Riviersonderend Dutch Reformed Church hall and its bell tower and bell. A bit down the road of the church is the Church Hall of the Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk. Next to it stands a ...
    • Theewaterskloof, Riviersonderend, United Reformed Church 

      Unknown author
      Photographs of the United Reformed Church in Riviersonderend. The Verenigde Gereformeerde Kerk in Riviersonderend has a rather neat tower. However, the bell doesn’t disclose any information on its founder or founding date.
    • Theology students / Kweekskoolstudente, [1906?] 

      James Watson & Co. (Firm)
      Group photograph.
    • Thibault's original elevation for Graaff-Reinet Drostdy 

      Walton, James, 1911-1999
      Drawings of Graaff-Reinet Drostdy and parsonage.
    • Thistle-shaped dagga pipe bowls 

      Walton, James, 1911-1999
      Incomplete drawing of thistle-shaped dagga pipe bowls, depicting detail of Harrismith (Orange Free State), Riverton (Griqualand West) and Waschbank (Natal).
    • Threshing implements 

      Walton, James, 1911-1999
      Drawing of threshing implements, depicting a long wooden spade, a broom and a long three-pronged wooden fork. Drawing of a hand corn mill.