• Alan Pierce disconnect 

      Campbell, Tony
      This document asks whether the recipient has contact with Alan Pierce as well as an update on their current life.
    • Commit no nuisance cover 

      Campbell, Tony (1978)
      Commit no nuisance. Commit no nuisance was a Folk 'n Rock Music Revenue in Yeoville and later at 3rd Ear's Chelsea Theatre Underground in Hillbrow. Features the songs of David marks and the poster contains Dylan Marks.
    • The Hidden Years : An Underground View of South Africa : Songs and Stories from the 60s to Date 

      Marks, David; 3rd Ear Music's Hidden Years (1996)
      The brochure advertises an upcoming event featuring music and stories of the "Hidden Years". Some background information pertaining to David Marks, 3rd Ear Music and the 1990s music scene was included. The brochure also ...