• Bible Can't Justify The Lesotho Raid 

      Rand Daily Mail; The Star (1983-01-06)
      The item consists of various newspaper articles all containing religious undertones pertaining to the political state of South Africa whilst questioning the apartheid system.
    • Commit No Nuisance: A Full and Varied Night at The Chelsea 

      Marais, Chris (1981-05-11)
      The first article promotes an upcoming concert hosted at the Chelsea Theatre comprising of varied entertainment with the evening said to finish with a late night revue called "Commit No Nuisance". Artists such as Graham ...
    • Concert : The Elastic Head Band 

      Lee, Patrick (1979-01-26)
      The article reflects on a concert featuring the Elastic Head Band, David Marks, Mike Dickman and Leonie Hofmeyer to name a few. The article evaluates the success of the show and points out some shortfalls experienced during ...
    • The Counter To Terrorism 

      Sunday Express; Rand Daily Mail (1980-04-06)
      The item consists of three separate newspaper articles referring to "blacks" as terrorists after attacks on small police stations continued. The remaining two articles refer to an incident in which Sasol was attacked by ...
    • The Critics : Accentuating the Positive 

      Michell, John; Coetzer, Owen; Feldman, Peter; Hallack, Bridget; Michell, John (1977-12-31)
      The compilation consists of five separate newspaper articles all pertaining to the 5000 Volts concert. The newspaper articles serve as a variety of opinions and reviews pertaining to the event.
    • A Day For All To Remember 

      Rand Daily Mail; The Star (1980-06-16)
      The first article pertains to youth day 1980 in which the day four years prior held great significance with the mention of political contextual information. The second article protests the restriction of newsmen into so ...
    • Festival Swings 

      Rand Daily Mail (1976-10-16)
      The photograph caption pertains to the Rand Daily Mail Music Festival which attracted about 2000 pop-folk music enthusiasts.
    • Folk Festival 

      Rand Daily Mail (1967)
      The short newspaper article as well as the attached black and white photographs pertain to the National Folk Festival in 1967 with specific reference to singers who performed at the event.
    • 'Fool Marx' : Good and Entertaining 

      Marais, Chris; Jasiukowz, Tom; Baudach, Trevor (1981-07-09)
      The first and second article makes mention of artists such as Fool Marx, Assie O'Donnell, George Lowell and David Marks when referring to a blues performance hosted at the Le Chaim Club. The last two articles reflect on ...
    • Free Concert 

      The Star; Rand Daily Mail
      The item includes two separate newspaper articles, the first published in The Star and the other published in the Rand Daily Mail. The first reference to the Free People's Concert, which was scheduled to take place at Wits ...
    • A Goonful of Spike's Factory 

      Michell, John (1979-03-01)
      The author of the newspaper article reflects on his first hand experience of a show hosted by Spike Milligan at the Colosseum. He raves about his talent and encourages readers to attend one of his performances. The article ...
    • He's Still Wrong 

      Walker, Richard (19--)
      The item consists of two articles that reflect the misleading political speech given by Pik Botha regarding the racial atmosphere in South Africa and the unequal opportunities which was presented to an American audience.
    • Hes Up in Arms About Our Music Industry 

      Rand Daily Mail; Detroit Free Press; The Star (1969 - 197)
      The item consists of an array of newspaper article clippings pertaining to the Free Peoples Concert. All included articles have been placed on one another with no entire article included. All articles pertain to the musical ...
    • Holiday Fun! : School Holiday Programme 

      Rand Daily Mail (1977-07-28)
      The article serves as a source of information pertaining to events designed to occupy school children during the holiday. The highlighted events include a talent contest with prizes, skateboarding demonstrations, free ...
    • Host of Holiday Happenings : Do It All With 'Flair' 

      Rand Daily Mail (1977-07-25)
      The article pertains to the Flair school holiday programme which was in its second week at the time of publication. The article reminds readers of the upcoming planned activities for the week and encourages readers to ...
    • Joy and Glom : Room For grief 

      Connolly, Bob (19--)
      The item consists of a cartoon and accompanying write-up whilst the last two pages pertain to a single article. Both articles refer to Christmas in South Africa during racial tensions.
    • 'Mail' Music Show A Must 

      Rand Daily Mail Music Festival (1976-10-08)
      Photograph is of Ashley Parker who was scheduled to perform amongst other stars at the Daily Mail Music Festival at the Great Hall, University of Witwatersrand on the 15th of October 1976.
    • New Meaning and Form to Christianity 

      Mrs V. Abery; Obstant, Fata; Irene
      The article consists of Rand Daily Mail viewer responses pertaining to their view on the banning of the Godspell film in South Africa by Deputy Minister of the Interior, Mr Jimmy Kruger. These responses all formed part of ...
    • No Ways Can You Label This Beat 

      Malan, Rian; Daniel, Raeford; Davy, Mike
      The item contains a total of two newspaper articles both pertaining to Andrew Tracey and His Steel Band at Lindberge and The Market Café. The articles describe the atmosphere, entertainment and the talent as well as include ...
    • R50m Scandal That Still Lives On 

      Saunderson-Meyer, William (1980-06-17)
      The item consists of two pages, the first containing two articles whilst the second is blank. The first article reflects on the government's two secret newspapers, The Citizen and To The Point where R50m was spent. The ...