• D'un Boer aux Boers et aux Anglais 

      Botha, Paul M. (Paris : Siecle, 1901)
      Pamphlet on the causes of the South African war.
    • D.F. Malan-medalje van die Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns : postume toekenning aan dr. G.B.A. Gerdener 

      Thom, Hendrik Bernardus, 1905-1983
      Address delivered at the posthumous award of the DF Malan medal to Dr. GBA Gerdener.
    • Daar zijn de Boeren!! of Eerlijk duurt het langst : klucht in een bedrijf 

      Unknown author (Nijmegen : Malmberg, 1908)
      Dutch drama on the Anglo-Boer War.
    • Dagboek gehouden Gedurende ZA oorlog 1899-1900 

      Heese, Hans Friedrich Gysbert Reitz
      Journal of the South African War kept by Hans Friedrich Gysbert Reitz Heese.
    • Dagbreek binne die groot geheel 

      Thom, Hendrik Bernardus, 1905-1983
      Chapter on Dagbreek residence, Stellenbosch University, for the 50th anniversary publication "Dagbreek, 1921-1971".
    • Dagbreek house committee 

      Cluver, August de Villiers
      Black and white photograph of the Dagbreek residence house committee in 1935.
    • Die daglig oweral, 1929 – 1954 

      Thom, Hendrik Bernardus, 1905-1983
      Address delivered at Kruger Day celebrations, Stellenbosch, 12 October 1954, focusing on the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the FAK (Federasie van Afrikaanse Kultuurvereniginge) and the challenges the Afrikaner faces ...
    • Damwalle van ons behoud 

      Thom, Hendrik Bernardus, 1905-1983
      Paper on the role of history in the conservation of Afrikaner values, read at a Dingaan's Day Festival, Paarl, 16 December 1941. Includes the outline of another paper on the same subject delivered on the same day.
    • De Wet en sy verkenners 

      Van Schoor, Marthinus Cornelius Ellnarius (Johannesburg : SAUK, 19--)
      A series of talks broadcasted in the early-morning program of the Afrikaans Service of the South African Broadcasting Corporation.
    • Le debarquement des Anglais 

      Du Croissant, Jean
      Song about the English in the South African war.
    • Deceased public men 

      Unknown author (The Transvaal Publishing Company, 1906)
    • Declarations by statesmen against annexation : some notable pledges 

      South African Conciliation Committee (London : South African Conciliation Committee, 1899)
      Declarations against annexation of South Africa.
    • Delicate matters : open letter addressed to Dr. F.W. Engelenburg 

      Spoelstra, C. (Cornelis); Engelenburg, F. V. (Frans Vredenrijk), 1863-1938; Transvaal White Cross Purity League (Johannesburg : Transvaal White Cross Purity League, 1896)
      An open letter to Dr. F.W. Engelenburg (editor of the "Volksstem") by the Rev. C. Spoelstra (Dutch Reformed Minister at Pretoria) with regards to the huge proportions which prostitution has assumed in Johannesburg.
    • Democracy and transition 

      Slabbert, F. van Zyl (Frederik van Zyl), 1940-2010
      Lecture given at WBS (Wits Business School, University of the Witwatersrand) Johannesburg.
    • Democracy in action 1988-02 

      Slabbert, F. van Zyl (Frederik van Zyl), 1940-2010
      Overview of the state of the nation at the current time; the pre-negotiation phase of politics; criticizes the government’s efforts to popularize the benefits of reform above the disadvantages of revolt by inducing “moderate” ...
    • Democracy in action 1990-08-16 

      Slabbert, F. van Zyl (Frederik van Zyl), 1940-2010
      The sanitization of security from violence and partisan abuse is a prerequisite for negotiating democracy during transition.
    • Democracy in action 1991-05-21 

      Slabbert, F. van Zyl (Frederik van Zyl), 1940-2010
      The transition away from Apartheid and towards a democratic outcome can only be achieved by bargaining about the conditions that can make negotiations possible: a pact on violence, a national contract on the economy and a ...
    • Democracy in action 1991-10 

      Slabbert, F. van Zyl (Frederik van Zyl), 1940-2010
      Transitional terminological tribulations.
    • Democracy in action 1994-09 

      Slabbert, F. van Zyl (Frederik van Zyl), 1940-2010
      The legitimacy of transition at the Local Government level.
    • A democratic South Africa?: constitutional engineering in a divided society 

      Slabbert, F. van Zyl (Frederik van Zyl), 1940-2010
      "Published: Perspectives on South Africa Series: 46. Berkeley, Calif.: University of California Press, c.1991. Book review."