• Saldanha Bay, Churchhaven, St. Peter's Anglican Church 

      Unknown author
      Photographs and information on the St. Peter's Anglican Church and its bells in Churchhaven near Saldanha Bay. There is a very neat bell in front of the St Peter Anglican Church in Churchhaven. We enclose two pictures since ...
    • Saldanha Bay, Hopefield, Dutch Reformed Church 

      Barwell, James
      Photographs and information on the Dutch Reformed Church and its bell in Hopefield. The congregation around the Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk in Hopefield dates from 1851 while the church dates from 1872 and is on the ...
    • Saldanha Bay, Hopefield, Kersefontein 

      Unknown author
      Photographs and information on the bell of the farm Kersefontein near Hopefield. The farm Kersefontein near Hopefield has a very attractive bell tower. The whole estate has been beautifully maintained by the successive ...
    • Saldanha Bay, Langebaan Geelbek Restaurant 

      Unknown author
      Photographs of the bell at the Geelbek Restaurant, Langebaan. The Geelbek Restaurant in the West Coast National Park has a slave bell of doubtful quality. The restaurant lies in a National Park that surrounds the lagoon ...
    • Saldanha Bay, Langebaan, Dutch Reformed Church 

      Unknown author
      The Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk in Langebaan is a rather young church, built in 1988. Next to the church stands a small pole on which a small bell is hooked. However, the bell hangs too high to allow measurements of any ...
    • Saldanha Bay, Langebaan, Methodist Church 

      Unknown author
      The Methodist Church in Langebaan is a pretty building that stands next the Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk. On its right hand side stands a green, wooden construction in which we find a bell of modest dimensions. As ...
    • Salvadoraceae & Loganiaceae 

      Marloth, R. (Rudolf), 1855-1931 (1932)
      Plate 14 from The flora of South Africa (vol. 3, part 1) featuring Salvadoraceae & Loganiaceae.
    • Santalaceae & Grubbiaceae 

      Marloth, R. (Rudolf), 1855-1931 (1913)
      Plate 37 from The flora of South Africa (vol. 1) featuring Santalaceae & Grubbiaceae.
    • Sapindaceae, Melianthaceae (Greyieae) 

      Marloth, R. (Rudolf), 1855-1931 (1925)
      Plate 53 from The flora of South Africa (vol. 2, part 2) featuring Sapindaceae, Melianthaceae (Greyieae).
    • Sapotaceae 

      Marloth, R. (Rudolf), 1855-1931 (1932)
      Plate 10 from The flora of South Africa (vol. 3, part 1) featuring Sapotaceae.
    • Saxenberg, Kuils River, T Plan house 

      Walton, James, 1911-1999
      Plan of Saxenberg, depicting detail of a stoep, 2 seats, 2 bedrooms, a voorhuis, a achterhuis, a wall cupboard, a kitchen and a fireplace.
    • Saxenburg 

      Walton, James, 1911-1999
      Photograph depicting a homestead at Saxenburg.
    • Saxenburg, Bottelary 

      Elliott, Arthur, 1870-1938
      Photograph depicting Saxenburg, Bottelary.
    • Saxifragaceae (Escallonioideae), Hamamelidaceae & Connarace 

      Marloth, R. (Rudolf), 1855-1931 (1925)
      Plate 9 from The flora of South Africa (vol. 2, part 1) featuring Saxifragaceae (Escallonioideae), Hamamelidaceae & Connarace.
    • Schapenrivier (Rhodona) 

      Elliott, Arthur, 1870-1938
      Photographs depicting Schapenrivier (Rhodona) at Ceres.
    • A schapkoven, North Germany 

      Walton, James, 1911-1999
      Photograph depicting a schapkoven (sheep-shelter) at North Germany.
    • Schoonderzicht, brandy still 

      Walton, James, 1911-1999
      Photographs depicting a brandy still at Schoonderzicht, Tulbagh.