• The Death of Johathan Cainer 

      Cainer, Johathan (19--)
      The short article notifies the public of Cainer's demise. Article is accompanied by a colour photograph of the musician.
    • All-Race Concert Organisers Bow Out of Permit Battle 

      Murdoch, Wynter (19--)
      The article reports on the abandonment of the Free People's Concert as a direct result result of permits. The organiser David Marks remarked that he was no longer interested in fighting what he defined as a 'losing battle' ...
    • Background to the 'Boom' 

      Feldman, Peter (19--)
      The article pertains to John Edmond's latest single release titled, "Boom Sha La La Low" whereby the author expands on some interesting information which inspired the title and created a context for the single. The article ...
    • Folk Singer : David Marks (Astra) 

      I. M. (19--)
      The short article promotes an evening featuring David Marks who was scheduled to perform his own songs. A special mention of songs such as Master Jack, Mountains of Men and Mr. Nick were also included.
    • Funeral of Mr. Matshikiza 

      Sapa (19--)
      The article reports on the funeral of Mr. Todd Matshikiza, a former chief reporter for Drum Magazine. Additional biographical information as well as the names of funeral attendees was added.
    • No. 1 On His Miss Parade 

      Unknown author (19--)
      The article, accompanied by a black and white photograph of David Marks and Fran Downing, serves as an announcement of their engagement.
    • On Tour : Four Jacks and A Jill 

      Teenage Supplement to Personality (19--)
      The article pertains to the South African band, "Four Jacks and A Jill" who had been travelling around Philadelphia, USA. The article also makes mention of some experiences and encounters by the band during their stay in ...
    • Attack on U.S. : 'Hypocritical' Over S.W.A. 

      United States Representative (19--)
      The article pertains to discussions held with the United Nations surrounding deliberations on South West Africa. The main issue discussed in the article was linked to Russia charging America with "hypocrisy" in her attitude ...
    • Audrey The Girl With The Photographic Memory For Music 

      Levin, Doreen (19--)
      The article pertains to Audrey Smith who was reportedly gifted with a photographic memory in music which she had already used to help artists find success, as in the case of Cornelia and Four Jacks and a Jill. The article ...
    • Kaunda Sees 2nd Vietnam In Africa 

      President Kenneth Kaunda (19--)
      The item consists of two political newspaper articles, the first comprising of the words of the Zambian president whilst the other serves as a summary of those words. The first article explains how President Kaunda warned ...
    • Getting Out of the Vinyl Groove 

      Minervini, Rina (19--)
      The article reflects on music in South Africa and the need for musicians and bands to explore their own sounds in a venue with an audience which appreciates new sounds rather than merely following the mainstream trends. ...
    • Elastic Band Full of Snap 

      Montgomery, John (19--)
      The article serves as a favourable review of the "Roots and Shoots" concert featuring the Elastic Head Band, Mike Dickman, Leonie Hofmeyr, Mac McCallum, David Marks and John Oakley-Smith.
    • Naked Man Walking Through Crowd 

      Free Rock Concert (19--)
      The newspaper caption and photograph relate to a free rock concert featuring the rolling stones whereby a naked man waded his way through the scene.
    • Cartoon : Protesters 

      Unknown author (19--)
      The cartoon caption states, "Are the protesters in Britain versatile enough to demonstrate against cricket as well as Rugby?"
    • Breakfast Quip 

      Unknown author (19--)
      The cartoon depicts a crowd walking onto a plane that is chartered. The caption states that "All we need now is to be hijacked".
    • National (Party) Unity 

      Berry (19--)
      The cartoon depicts the National Party as a spider on a web with a fly depicting the position of English speakers in the country. The image depicting "captive voter" has been shown as bounded and tangled prey on the web.
    • Cartoon : Christmas Scene 

      Herbert (19--)
      The cartoon relates to the political atmosphere around Christmas time in South Africa during racial tensions at the time.
    • Wanted for Christmas 

      Unknown author (19--)
    • Marks, Dickman Laat Roots In Die Mark Lewe 

      Mliebenberg, Johan. J; Groenewald, Jakkie (19--)
      The article was written with a focus on David Marks, Mike Dickman and the Elastic Head Band.
    • Smith Voortreflik 

      Hough, Barrie (19--)
      The article places a focus on David Marks with the mention of the Elastic Head Band.