• Protest of the Refugee Committee 

      Refugee Committee, Cape Town (Cape Town : Townshend, Taylor & Snashall, 1900)
      The Refugee Committee of Cape Town's protest against capitalistic legislation in the Transvaal.
    • Protest Over Mandela Detainees : Cops Arrest 357 Whites 

      Kgame, Steve; Nkabinde, Ernest; Molete, Lucas (1970-05-19)
      The item consists of various articles with a specific focus on two pertaining to police conduct. The first recounts the arrest of 357 Wits University students after defying the protest ban. The second article focuses on ...
    • Proudly Sponsored by Tourism KZN : Splashy Fen 26 

      031 Kenobi; Jubs, Jayy; Asante; Mark E, Mark; Bander; Lewis; Shugga; MD; Mad Love; Slim Beats; A, Terry; Panda, Veranda; Shugga; Lewis; F_*K Paris; Joerges, Hendrik; Orca, King; Shapeshifter; Rogue; Amigo; B, Syso; Park; Drone 375; Psy Andy; The Symptom; Chemikult (19--)
      The Splashy Fen programme includes a list of musicians grouped according to when they were scheduled to appear, a menu for drinks and food, a list of rules and regulations as well as numerous advertisements.
    • Proverbs 

      Singer, Fay
      Quotes: Shprichverte-proverbs.
    • Provincial news 

      Unknown author (The S.A. Jewish Chronicle Publishing Syndicate Limited, 1912-06-21)
      Newspaper article with references to music.
    • Prudence from the Masque in Purgatoria 

      Mason, Judith (1965)
    • Psalm 1, vir 4 stemmige manskoor 

      James, Christopher Langford, 1952-2008
      Manuscript copy.
    • Psalm 138 

      Grove, Stefans, 1922
      Copy of manuscript score.
    • Psalm 150 

      Grove, Stefans, 1922
      Score. "Für Doppelchor und Bläser". Written for the Lutheran Services in Pretoria. Folder inscription: "Kirchen Musik 1979-1983".
    • Psalm 150, for organ and five-part choir 

      James, Christopher Langford, 1952-2008
      Manuscript score. Contains stamp: 'SAMRO repertoire, date received: 1-11-1977.'
    • Psalm 23 

      Grove, Stefans, 1922
      Score. "Worte: Gesang 327".
    • Psalm 42 

      Grove, Stefans, 1922
      Manuscript. "O my siel, waarom so onrustig? En wat buig jy jou in my? Waarom in Gods lof onlustig as die vyand jou bestry? Menigmaal het hy jou druk laat verwissel in geluk."
    • PSHS Music Concert 

      Unknown author
      This document is a pamphlet for the PSHS Music Concert featuring The Sheppie Ensemble and provides a program for this event as well.
    • Public Hysteria 

      Unknown author (S.A. Amalgamated Jewish Press Ltd, 1926-05-14)
      Newspaper article with references to music.
    • Public launch of Stellenbosch University's Hope project 

      Botman, H. Russel (2010-07)
      Professor H.R. Botman's speech at the public launch of Stellenbosch University's Hope Project on 21 July 2010.
    • Puntjie 

      Pretorius, Andre, 1935-2006
      5 Photographs depicting kapstyl houses at Puntjie.
    • Puntjie and Heidelberg, kapstylhuise 

      Walton, James, 1911-1999
      Photographs and drawing depicting kapstylhuise at Puntjie and Heidelberg, Cape Town.
    • Puntjie, Duiwenhoks River 

      Pretorius, Andre, 1935-2006
      Photograph depicting a village of kapstylhuise at the mouth of the Duiwenhoks River.
    • Puntjie, kapstylhuise 

      Pretorius, Andre, 1935-2006; Walton, James, 1911-1999
      Photographs depicting kapstylhuise at Puntjie.
    • Puntjie, rectangular thatched cottage 

      Walton, James, 1911-1999
      Photograph depicting a rectangular thatched cottage with low side walls and a projecting hearth at Puntjie.