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  • Wind quintet 

    Newcater, Graham, 1941
    Johannesburg 2019.
  • Den die Engel droben 

    Schnabel, Joseph Ignaz (1767-1831); composer; Otto, Ernst Julius (1804-1877); composer; Palmer, Christian David Friedrich (1811-1875); composer; Reichardt, Johann Friedrich (1752-1814); composer; Händel, Georg Friedrich (1685-1759); composer; Haydn, Joseph (1732-1809); composer; Gebhard, Johann Gottfried (1755-1794); composer; Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Felix (1809-1847); composer; Hahn, Bernhard (1780-1852); composer; Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791); composer; Jaeschke, Christian David (1755-1827); composer; Schulz, Johann Abraham Peter (1747-1800); composer; Latrobe, Christian Ignatius (1757-1836); composer; Wolf, Ernst Wilhelm (1735-1792); composer; Claudius, Matthias (1740-1815); text author; Rinck, Johann Christian Heinrich (1770-1846); composer; Gregor, Christian [Friedrich] (1723-1801); composer; La Trobe, Johann Friedrich (1769-1845); composer; Hellstroem, Georg Friedrich (1825-1912); composer; Reißiger, Carl Gottlieb (1798-1859); composer; Naumann, Johann Gottlieb (1741-1801); composer; Blüher, Johann August (1785-1839); composer; Grimm, Johann Daniel (1719-1760); composer; Hiller, Ferdinand von (1811-1885); composer; Fischer; composer; Racine, Jean (1639-1699); text author (1897-02-27)
    Wilhelm Frederick Johannes: Choir Book; collection of sacred music pieces; manuscript
  • Stillewe met dorings 

    Meintjes, Johannes (1971)
  • Figuur met kerse en bottels 

    Meintjes, Johannes (1970)
  • Maangesiggie 

    Meintjes, Johannes (1968)

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