• Voor den oorlog met Engeland : een gesprek tusschen acht Transvaalsche boeren 

      De Kok, Karel Johannes; Een Hollander (Oostwolde : Z.J. Koning, 19--)
    • Op visite bij John Bull : samenspraak voor zes personen ten dienste van de Christelijke Jongelings-Vereenigingen 

      Hogeweg, G. (Oostwolde : Z.J. Koning, 19--)
      Dutch drama on the Anglo-Boer War.
    • Histoire du Transvaal et des Boers depuis leur origine jusqu’a nos jours 

      Dufond, E. (Anvers : Thibaut, 19--)
      A history of Transvaal and the Boers.
    • De Wet en sy verkenners 

      Van Schoor, Marthinus Cornelius Ellnarius (Johannesburg : SAUK, 19--)
      A series of talks broadcasted in the early-morning program of the Afrikaans Service of the South African Broadcasting Corporation.
    • Battles of the nineteenth century 

      Unknown author (London : Cassell, 19--)
      Pamphlet on the battles of the nineteenth century, including the Anglo-Boer War.
    • Lord Methuen uitgeoorle deur Genl. De la Rey 

      Van der Walt, G. A. (Potchefstroom : A.H. Koomans, 19--)
      Dutch pamphlet describing the capture of Lord Methuen by Genl. De la Rey.
    • New Branch of SAFMA 

      SAFMA (19--)
      The newspaper clipping notifies the public that the SAFMA was initiating a Natal branch which planned to organise a folk festival that July. Some information pertaining to the banning of the "Folk on Trek" which had cost ...
    • Commending David Marks 

      Unknown author (19--)
      The short newspaper clipping commends David Marks for his work as well as includes suggestions of new releases he should work on. Springbok Radio was also mentioned in the article.
    • News/ Parliament : Manifesto Referred To By FW In Opening Speech Today 

      Unknown author (19--)
      The article refers to a manifesto presented by FW de Klerk in his opening speech. The manifesto has been arranged according to subject.
    • Manfred Mann's Been Upstaged : by Madness 

      Unknown author (19--)
      The item includes a focused article surrounded by other articles all appearing in hy-dm-news-apartheid-1982-1983-001. The featured article in this item pertains to Manfred and his international album ventures.
    • Taylor Proves His Worth 

      Nixon, R. R. W. (19--)
      The article serves as a review and reflection of a Jeremy Taylor concert. Information pertaining to its content, response and themes have been included.
    • What I Want for South Africa 

      Dr Motlana, Nthato (19--)
      The article contains the views of the chairman of the Soweto Committee who expands on his vision for South Africa for the first time.
    • It's Your Freedom You Must Fight For 

      Gibson, Rex (19--)
      The article expands on the concept of "press freedom" and by extension makes mention of individual freedom and what that means in the context of politics in South Africa.
    • Afrikaner Life Lies Beyond Politics 

      de Klerk, W. A. (19--)
      The author of 'Puritans In Africa' reflects on Afrikaner history as well as the necessary changes needed to adapt to the changing South Africa.
    • Elastic Head Band for Market Beatles Review 

      Terry, Mike (19--)
      The article reports on the success of the Elastic Head Band's rehearsals which were underway at the time whilst also placing focus on Mac and David Marks. It was also reported that Mac had spent money to import Bob Marley ...
    • In Concert 

      Pierre and Yvonne; Ekkelenkamp, Richard (19--)
      The newspaper clipping consists of two black and white photographs with short captions of musicians in concert.
    • 'Pop Music Is A Communist Plot' 

      Political correspondent (19--)
      The article reflects on the disapproval expressed for Pop music during the National Party's Free State Congress held the previous day.
    • Composer David Marks 

      Unknown author (19--)
      The article refers to the 24-year-old David Marks who had become world famous following his successful song writing. The article also includes biographical information as well as musicians he had worked with such as Four ...
    • Des Lindberg Record Banned 

      Staff Reporter (19--)
      The article pertains to the record, "Folk On Trek" by Sari Award Winner, Des Lindberg and his wife, Dawn Silver. The article also makes use of a quote by David Marks who thought the government's action was stupid and laughable.
    • Free Peoples Concert in Apartheid Trouble 

      Wits Student (19--)
      The focus pertains to the Free People concert hosted at Wits University who had been reprimanded by the National Board for permitting the inter-racial concert the previous year.