• '14' Shabalala 

      Langa, Mauricio (2007-06-13)
      The article was written in reaction to the death of Shabalala. Some contextual information about the musician has been included alongside a mention of David Marks and 3rd Ear Music who had organised many of his shows.
    • All Go On The Folk Scene 

      Marks, David; Stevens, Anne (1972-06-27)
      The first article is based on an interview with David Marks whereby folk became the main focus. The second article pertains to a discussion between Dave Marks and Anne Stevens on the importance of song writers singing about ...
    • Arts Insight : The New Sound of Wagon Wheels 

      Holtzhausen, Evelyn; Coetzer, Owen (1977-05-03)
      The articles pertain to performances featuring Brian Finch and Kenny Henson. The first referring to performances at the Wagon Wheels Hotel in Durban whilst the other pertaining to concerts at Nafma. Both articles commend ...
    • Auditions Running 

      Charlton-Perkins, William
      The item consists of two newspaper articles pertaining to the role of acting in education. The first article calls for part-time teachers and actors for educational purposes whilst the second article relates to the role ...
    • Charges of racism as town fathers moot St Lucia Ltd; Millionaire of the Soul 

      Salgadao, Ingrid
      This item contains two documents. The first document comments on the town's councilors that have backed down from a plan to privatize St Lucia Village in order to keep black residents out. The second document discusses ...
    • Dave Marks Said To Cut Album At Last 

      Feldman, Peter (1997-01-30)
      The item consists of two documents. The first serves as a typed letter to whom it may concern. The respective senders declare that they have made themselves liable for arrest, serving as bait. They ask for bail money and ...
    • Hit Song Aid For Limehill 

      Daily News Reporter; Kallenbach, Mike (1968-10-02)
      The item consists of four newspaper articles all referring to David Marks. The first article pertains to David Marks potential earnings for the sound track, "Master Jack" as well as Marks' desire to help the community ...
    • Hit Song Aid For Limehill 

      Daily News Reporter; Kallenbach, Mike (1968-10-02)
      The first article relates to composer David Marks who told the public he would give royalties to the Limehill community for his 'Master Jack' track. The second mentions upcoming plans that David Marks hoped to implement ...
    • Huberta belongs to us says King museum 

      Donlan, Denver (1999-11-09)
      This document is a newspaper article that puts forth the argument that the stuffed Huberta the hippo belongs to the King Williamstown Museum.
    • Jazz with a difference 

      Daily News (1986-08-20)
      This article is a notice that Brubeck, his brother Matthew and Gontsana will be performing at the Jubilee Hall in Durban.
    • Live Rabbitt Show Kills Dead Duck Image 

      Coetzer, Owen; Holtzhausen, Evelyn (1977)
      The articles pertain to a concert featuring the 5000 Volts (Lynda Kelly, Steve Lauri, Martin Cohen, Mike Nelson and Rabbitt (Duncan Faure, Aiden Mason, Ronnie Robot, Nail Cloud) also featuring Brian Finch and Kenny Henson ...
    • Living Treasures: Ushaka Oratorio to open festival; Dukuduku dwellers divided 

      Daily News (1999-12-24)
      This item contains two documents. The first document is a newspaper article that refers to the Living Treasures Festival and the possible performance of uShaka by the combination of the KwaZulu-Natal Philharmonic Orchestra, ...
    • One-Black Rugby Match Is On Again 

      Daily News Correspondent (1989-05-22)
      The article refers to an under 14 rugby match that was postponed as a black member of one of the teams had not yet been granted permission to play.
    • Rabbitt Rocks It To Them : Music 

      English, Adrian; Coetzer, Owen; Holtzhausen, Evelyn; Hallack, Bridget (1977)
      The two documents forming part of this compilation consist of three separate newspaper articles pertaining to the 5000 VOLTS and RABBITT featuring Brian Finch, Kenny Henson and Tony Stewart, amongst other performers such ...
    • Songwriter Dave Hits New High Note in Life 

      Daily News Reporter (1994-06-24)
      The first article reports on the marriage of David Marks' daughter whilst the second relates to the Splashy Fen event. It was reported that despite the injuries of David Marks only made worse by his heroic deed, the event ...
    • Taxi Carnival Could Be Answer to Our Problems 

      Marks, David; Third Ear Music (1998-07-02)
      The article pertains to a proposal for a taxi carnival in which people either indirectly or directly connected to the taxi service would have a voice regarding the problems with taxi's. The idea proposed for South Africa ...