• Basie drummer joins jazz aces for city concerts 

      Daily News Tonight (1993-08-11)
      Discusses the how Butch Miles, bassist Richard Syracuse, pianist Darius Brubeck and saxophonist Chris Merz will be performing in two free lunch-hour concerts at Natal and Durban-Westville universities and at an after-dinner ...
    • Fiording Ahead : African Folk Amid the Fiords 

      Turner, Gisele (1998-07-02)
      The article is based on an interview in which two of the three students from Technikon Natal were interviewed before travelling to Norway to share their music heritage at the largest International folk festival.
    • Turquoise Aiming High 

      Owen, Therese (1997-01-30)
      The article pertains to an upcoming band comprising of lead singer Michael Ventura and lead guitarist Graeme Barnes who planned to take the world by storm. The band had reportedly financed their first debut album and their ...
    • Under African Skies 

      Windsor, Ailsa; Els, Colleen (1999-12-06)
      The article was published in response to Lake St Lucia being named a World Heritage Site. The site was also said to serve as a venue for the St Lucia Wetlands Festival of Living Wetlands Treasures. The attached photograph ...