• Across the great Divide 

      Fataar, Steve
      This document discusses the arts and culture expansion in Durban and gives brief mention to Richie Havens.
    • Guitars for Africa : Durban Festival of Music 

      3rd Ear Music; Durban Festival for Music
      The programme includes a list pertaining to show numbers, dates, show times, show title and artist, playhouse venues as well as ticket prices for scheduled performances at the Durban International Festival of Music in 1993.
    • Joe Blikzem : Lucky Draw Prizes 

      Local Legends Festival (2011-05-07)
      The first page includes a list of lucky draw prizes for those attending the "Local Legends" event which is accompanied by an entry form for those interested in the competition. The second page pertains to the time list in ...
    • Mana Music Association Natal 

      Marks, David; Chiorboli, Dan; Harris, Mark; Stevens, Nerene; Brubeck, Darius; Schulze, Vic; Fataar, Steve (19--)
      The brochure pertains to the Mana Music Association Natal which included an introduction, aims and objectives, the needs of MANA to achieve the proposed goals as well as an application form for those interested in joining ...
    • Newsletter : Music Association of Natal : Soundwaves : No. 1 : May & June 1991 

      Music Association of Natal; Mana Committee (19--)
      The newsletter pertains to music in South Africa. It provides updates, advertisements, letters from the editor, a joining form as well as an overview of all related events taking part in South Africa. Some photographs have ...