• Folk 72 

      Y-Club; Natal Folk Music Association; Dennen, John F.; Ring, Mike; Ring, Mary; Johnson, Ray; Crozier, Pip; Lindsay, Ian; Dennen, Tony; Hay, Tony; Seipp, Ginger; King, Dave; Coolbear, Dave; Marks, David
      The programme consists of a list of musicians featured in the folk festival as well as a message from the chairman and an attached application to join the National Folk Music Association. A list of stage crew, organisers ...
    • SAFMA National Folk Festival 1970 : "Old Routes & New Directions" 

      The programme includes a list of all performances and backstage members as well as a short write-up pertaining to The South African Folk Music Association.
    • South African Folk Association (1964-1974) 

      SAFMA Records; The South African Folk Music Association (19--)
      The item pertains to varying SAFMA recordings issued on long play records. The document includes a list of compiled recordings available for purchase from the SAFMA . The list of recordings have been noted with a short ...