• Splashy Fen Festival 1991 poster 

      Ladysmith Black Mambazo; Phillips, James; Cox, Tony; Lucey, Roger; Newman, Steve; Ram, Deepak; Afro-Cool Concept; Peters, Melvin; Delew, Joe; 14 Shabalala; Kitchen, Syd; Brubeck, Darius; Rachabane, Barney; Ntoni, Victor; Finch, Brian; Henson, Kenny; Waldorf String Band; Silver Creek Mountain Band (1991)
      This is a poster for the Splashy Fen Festival 1991 and lists the supporting musicians that will be performing at this event.
    • Woodstock Music and Art Fair presents An Aquarian Exposition in White Lake, N. Y. 

      Woodstock Music and Art Fair; Flipside; Chapman, Chris; 3rd Ear Music; Hidden Years; Acuff-Rose/Milne Music; Southern Music; Marks, David (1996)
      The first page includes a short write up pertaining to the Splashy Fen Festival event which included a mention of some outstanding musicians and highlights of the event whilst the second page included lyrics of "Fairygold" ...