• Milner Park : 24-hour Festival : Peace, Love, Music, Togetherness 

      Alessandri, Duccio; Acoustic Mind; Browne; Buzzard; Abstract Truth; Conglomeration; Dickman, Mike; Fantasy; Hocus; Finch, Brian; Metalic Sun; Marks, David; Haye, Jacob; The Attraction; Jade, Mike; Page, Larry John; The Vision; Music Factory; Otis Waygood Blues Band; Freedom's Children; Stamp, Olga; The Omega Ltd; The Rising Sons; Scratby Hud; Shag; Shamley, Colin; The Staccatos; Spirit and Flesh; The Smiling Faces; Suck; The Tidal Wave; Vee, Peter; Together; The Third Eye; Witchcraft; Will-O-James; Howling Wolf; Hawk (1970-10-10)
      The souvenir programme includes black and white photographs of featured musicians, a list of those scheduled to perform as well as a short write up pertaining to the objectives of the event.