• 25th Splashy Fen Celebration 

      Splashy Fen (19--)
      The programme includes a welcoming section addressed to those in attendance, rules and regulations set for the event, contact numbers, a list of featured musicians and comedians accompanied by photographs, a map, available ...
    • Proudly Sponsored by Tourism KZN : Splashy Fen 26 

      031 Kenobi; Jubs, Jayy; Asante; Mark E, Mark; Bander; Lewis; Shugga; MD; Mad Love; Slim Beats; A, Terry; Panda, Veranda; Shugga; Lewis; F_*K Paris; Joerges, Hendrik; Orca, King; Shapeshifter; Rogue; Amigo; B, Syso; Park; Drone 375; Psy Andy; The Symptom; Chemikult (19--)
      The Splashy Fen programme includes a list of musicians grouped according to when they were scheduled to appear, a menu for drinks and food, a list of rules and regulations as well as numerous advertisements.