• 3rd Ear Music : Another Great South African Musician Passes On … 

      3rd Ear Music; The Hidden Years Music Archive Project (2007)
      The document resembles a short biography with colour photographs of Mlahleni Jame "14" Shabalala published by 3rd Ear Music and the Hidden Years Music Archive Project.
    • 3rd Ear Music : Shabalala 

      Marks, David; 3rd Ear Music (2007-06-14)
      The email requested Radio uKhozi to play one or two tracks of the remastered HY Archive Project copy of '14' Shabalala as a tribute to his death.
    • 3rd Ear Music investors proposal 

      3rd Ear Music
      This document outlines why 3rd Ear Music needs investors. This document gives background and involvement of the company, music publishing, performance and artist management, record productions, record libraries, training ...
    • 3rd Ear Music News and Notes 

      3rd Ear Music (1993-12)
      This document is the newsletter of 3rd Ear Music and is a compilation of news, notes, Mark's home letters as well as local music news. This includes the projects for 1993, Tusk music-industry success story of Words or Ivory ...
    • Compilations of songs 

      Temple, Matt
      This letter discusses some ideas about creating compilations of exiled sounds, South African funk/fusion and popular music in Apartheid.
    • Crossroads 

      3rd Ear Music; SAMRO (1979)
      The item consists of two sides of a Roger Lucey vinyl cover for the album, "Crossroads". The cartoons reveal strong political undertones connected to the oppression experienced in South Africa.
    • David Marks Compilation 

      3rd Ear Music; SAFMA
      This compilation includes cartoons, song compositions and lyrics, newspaper and magazine articles as well as photographs pertaining to David Marks and 3rd Ear Music .
    • Hidden Years Music Archive Project promotion 

      3rd Ear Music
      This letter discusses the Hidden Years Music Archive Project and promoting the project. It also speaks about the international boycott and Ageism.
    • Hidden Years Trust 

      3rd Ear Music
      This document discusses the possibility of establishing a Hidden Years Trust as well as providing some background on the progress of the project.
    • Market Café : Brian Finch : Asylum Recording Artiste : Nightly From Tuesday 23rd November to Sunday 28th @ 9 pm 

      Market Café (23-28 Nove)
      The document serves as a promotional writing informing potential audiences of upcoming performances of Brian Finch scheduled to perform at the Market Café. Information surrounding his recording activities have been included ...
    • New Releases from 3rd Ear Music available in stores 

      3rd Ear Music
      This is a brochure for music cassettes at a music store for musicians such as Koos Kombuis, Syd Kitchen, Steve Newman and Tony Cox. They also have Jeremy Taylor's book in stock.
    • News : Forgive and Forget 

      Marks, David; 3rd Ear Music (2000-12-02)
      The document was published by 3rd Ear Music addressed to Roger Lucey. The typed contents on the document is not clear and cannot be read.
    • Open mic performances 

      Begley, Steve
      This document discusses the author's open mic performances and the songs he is singing during these performances.
    • Party Link Project and objectives 

      3rd Ear Music
      This document discusses the Party Link Project, the objectives of this venture, how this venture works and possible opportunities for sponsors.
    • Promotional material 

      Dorset, Ray
      This document states that they have included some promotional material alongside this letter and that they should stay in contact.
    • Ragfyn Verwerk 

      Clingman, Paul (1978-04-26)
      The item consists of two separate documents. The first is a newspaper article published by the Rapport. The second document is a typed letter written by David Marks. Marks' writes about Paul Clingman and promotes the album ...
    • Relocating to Rouxville 

      Gregg, John; Gregg, Lynn
      This document informs 3rd Ear Music that they are moving as well as what is happening to their old house.
    • SA Heritage is Prioritised 

      National Heritage Council; 3rd Ear Music (2004-12-06)
      The article reflects on the National Heritage Council (NHC) who gathered outside Tshwane the following week to discuss the future of the country in terms of language, views, culture, libraries, museums and policy development.
    • St. Lucia Festival of Living Treasures 

      Greaves, Rob
      This item contains two documents. The first is a thank you letter for including them in the St. Lucia Festival of Living Treasures as well as speaking about the new equipment this person has obtained. The second document ...
    • Where Do I Start? 

      Marks, David
      The first page contains a cartoon with an attached Aquarian Exposition staff pass as well as the lyrics to "I'd Love To Write A Love Song" written by David Marks. The following page published by 3rd Ear Music consists of ...