SUNDigital Collections

  •   Archives Archives A selection of digitized content of Stellenbosch University Archives and other archival collections within various departments at Stellenbosch University. Read More oreview
  •   History African and Southern African histo... Various digital collections contributing to a picture of the history of Africa and South Africa in particular. Read More oreview
  •   Images Image collections Maps, photographs, pictures, drawings, art works and other visual aids of significant importance to the cultural heritage of Southern Africa. Read More oreview
  •   Literature South African literature Afrikaans literature from the J.S. Gericke library special collections. Read More oreview
  •   Music Music collections Digitised collections mostly of South African importance, kept at the Documentation Centre for Music (DOMUS) in the Music library. Read More oreview

About Digital Collections

Digital collections showcase digital content from the Library and Information Service’s unique digital collections and repositories. It offers a single connection point to various collections of primary resources as well as digital research output. In support of digital scholarship, sharing our valuable resources and promoting intellectual collaboration the Library and Information Service offers free online access to these digital collections. This initiative forms part of the Library’s commitment to enriching its digital resources and supporting, developing and contributing to high-level scholarly publication output.