• Folk Alive … 

      Daniel, Raeford; Dobson, Marc (19--)
      The first article pertains to information surrounding the upcoming Folk Festival which is accompanied by names of featured artists such as Clem Tholet, Edi Nederlander, Colin Shamley and David Marks, amongst others. The ...
    • Folk in the Traditional Spirit 

      Daniel, Raeford (1973)
      The article reflects on the "miniture" folk concert affiliated with the Soiree Society which featured artists such as Colin Shamley, David Marks, Brian Beddington and John Oakley-Smith to mention a few.
    • Great vibe at Blundell benefit 

      Daniel, Raeford (1989-08-01)
      This newspaper article addresses the benefit concert that was hosted to support Keith Blundell. It lists all the musicians and their songs they performed at this event.
    • Impressive Dylan Encore 

      Daniel, Raeford; Feldman, Peter (19--)
      The two newspaper articles reflected on the "Words and Music by Bob Dylan", performed by The Elastic Head Band hosted at the Market Café. Aspects of the show as well as favourable opinions of the performance make up the ...
    • No Ways Can You Label This Beat 

      Malan, Rian; Daniel, Raeford; Davy, Mike
      The item contains a total of two newspaper articles both pertaining to Andrew Tracey and His Steel Band at Lindberge and The Market Café. The articles describe the atmosphere, entertainment and the talent as well as include ...
    • Pipe Smoking 

      Daniel, Raeford; Feldman, Peter (1976-04-09)
      The item consists of 4 articles, 3 of which described a disappointing performance given by Phil Ochs at the Blue Fox. He was reportedly drunk, falling about and "embarrassing" to the audience. The final caption/ short ...
    • Singing Entrepreneur 

      Daniel, Raeford (1997-09-27)
      The article focuses on the life and musical career of David Marks with a mention of his involvement with Third Ear Music and his recent CD release called "The Hidden Years". Additional information pertained to his appearance ...
    • Singing Entrepreneur 

      Daniel, Raeford (1997-09-27)
      The article pertains to David Marks in relation to his musical achievements as well as his role and position at Third Ear Music. His company was said to attract artists such as Crosby, Stills, Nash and Richie Havens to ...