• Academy Theatre Stage Productions present Words and Music by Bob Dylan 

      Academy Theatre; Udwin, H.S.; Heale, Timothy; Lesley, John; Stuart, Eve (19--)
      The programme pertains to a concert featuring the Elastic Head Band who were scheduled to perform words and music by Bob Dylan. The item also includes a list of musicians forming part of the band, the venue and the order ...
    • Club New York City Invites You To A Special Evening To See The Stars of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club 

      Club New York City (19--)
      The leaflet advertises an event in which the Elastic Head Band was scheduled to perform songs by other singers. A lucky number accompanied by information pertaining to entrance fee information as well as a contact number ...
    • The Company : The Twelfth Night : William Shakespeare 

      The Company; Clarke, Graham; La Finesse; Revolution; Oakley-Smith, John; Honeyman, Janice; Blecher, Aubrey; Trevor, Naomi; Oppenheim, Ruth (19--)
      The programme includes a short contextual write-up pertaining to the production accompanied by a list of cast members and crew names.
    • "the country comes to town" : 9th National Folk Festival 

      SAFMA; USA Information Service; Computicket (19--)
      The poster promotes the 9th National Folk Festival featuring an array of artists as well as numerous new faces on the South African music scene. Information pertaining to the times, dates and venue specifics have all been ...
    • Folk 72 

      Y-Club; Natal Folk Music Association; Dennen, John F.; Ring, Mike; Ring, Mary; Johnson, Ray; Crozier, Pip; Lindsay, Ian; Dennen, Tony; Hay, Tony; Seipp, Ginger; King, Dave; Coolbear, Dave; Marks, David
      The programme consists of a list of musicians featured in the folk festival as well as a message from the chairman and an attached application to join the National Folk Music Association. A list of stage crew, organisers ...
    • Le Chaim in Conjunction with 3rd Ear Music Presents Roger Lucey, John Oakley-Smith and Colin Shamley 

      3rd Ear Music; Le Chaim (19--)
      The poster promotes a series of upcoming events hosted at Le Chaim. A map accompanied by a cover charge as well as dates of the performing artists have been included.
    • Matinees On Saturdays Exclusive Warner Bros. Recording Artist John Oakley-Smith at the Market Café 

      Oakley-Smith, John; Hammond, Terrence; Baez, Joan; Donavon; Price, Alan (19--)
      The poster promotes an upcoming event featuring John Oakley-Smith alongside featured film viewings which included Bob Dylan's "Don’t Look Back" as well as a film and side shows presented by Terrence Hammond. The poster ...
    • Natal Folk Music Association : Folk 75 

      Natal Folk Music Association (1975)
      The programme includes a short introductionary write-up to the Natal Folk Music Association which is accompanied by short biographies of featured artists. A list of Trutone and Polydor Record releases have also been included ...
    • Natal Folk Music Association Presents Folk '74 : A Festival of Folk Music : South Africa's Top Artists 

      Natal Music Association; Coetzer, Owen (1974)
      The programme includes a message from the chairman, a list of top albums from the Records and Tape Company, an introduction of featured musicians accompanied by photographs, a write-up pertaining to the International Library ...
    • S.A.F.M.A. Presents Country Comes to Town : 9th National Folk Festival 

      South African Folk Association
      The programme includes a list of committee and honorary members as well as the chairman's report alongside photographs taken during the 8th annual national folk festival in 1972. This is accompanied by short sections ...
    • SAFMA - Third Ear Music Presents Singer Songwriter Project 

      SAFMA; Third Ear Music (19--)
      The brochure advertises an upcoming event in which varying Southern African songwriters and singers were scheduled to perform. The second page includes a short write-up pertaining to each featured musician.
    • South African Folk Association (1964-1974) 

      SAFMA Records; The South African Folk Music Association (19--)
      The item pertains to varying SAFMA recordings issued on long play records. The document includes a list of compiled recordings available for purchase from the SAFMA . The list of recordings have been noted with a short ...
    • Third Ear Music in Conjunction with Aquarius presents In Concert Colinson MacBrian 

      Third Ear Music; Aquarius (19--)
      The brochure promotes an upcoming concert featuring South African talented musicians. All information pertaining to the times, venue and locations have been included.