• City of Laughter, City of Tears 

      Nicholls, Horatio (1888-1964); composer [pseudonym of Wright, Lawrence]; Wright, Lawrence (1888-1964); composer [real name of Nicholls, Horatio]; David, Worton (1872–1940); text author (Lawrence Wright Music Co. (London), 1920)
      Horatio Nicholls: City of Laughter, City of Tears; Lawrence Wright Music Co.; music print
    • Nearer, my God, to thee 

      Ryder, Thomas Philando (1836-1887); composer
      Thomas Philando Ryder: Nearer my God to Thee. Fantaisie de Concert on a Popular Hymn for the Pianoforte; music print
    • The Night has a Thousand Eyes 

      Lambert, Frank (1868-1925); composer (Chappell & Co. (London), 1899)
      Frank Lambert: The Night Has a Thousand Eyes; Series of Short Songs; Chappell & Co. Ltd.; music print