• Beambte aan het Hof van Justitie aan de Kaap de Goede Hoop 

      Ford, James Edward, 1770-C.1842
      Portrait of J.G. Swaving. The artist was part of Bailie’s party of 1820 Settlers and was known as a painter of miniatures.
    • Caffrarian family travelling 

      Daniell, Samuel, 1775-1811; Lizars, W.H.
      Native people travelling with cattle and weapons.
    • Hottentots 

      Bell, Charles Davidson, 1813-1882; Schenck, Fr.
      A male and female figure sitting on the ground with a bottle and pipe in hand respectively, unaware of another figure posing with a ‘knopkierie’.
    • Nama man 

      Knudsen, Hans Christian, 1816-1863
      Portrait of a young Nama man.