• Circular NP sticker 

      National Party (NP)
      Circular shaped sticker by the National Party (NP) depicting the party logo encircled by two rings, one blue, the other green.
    • IEC given power to confiscate NP mag 

      Cruywagen, Dennis
      Newspaper article written by The Argus political staff writer, Dennis Cruywagen, reporting on the power granted to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to confiscate a controversial election magazine by the National ...
    • National Party calendar 

      National Party (NP) (Federal Council of the National Party, 1994)
      Calendar for the year 1994 presented by the National Party (NP). The words, "Vote for the builders of a better new South Africa" appear in ten of the official languages. A colour image of F. W. de Klerk appears in the upper ...
    • NP Sticker 

      National Party (NP)
      Sticker as marketing material for the National Party (NP) featuring an image of F. W. de Klerk next to a voters mark. The sticker is issued by Jan Kruger and printed by Duikerprint.
    • Wes-Kaap is NAT 

      National Party (NP)
      Campaign poster by the National Party (NP) expressing their popularity and support among inhabitants of the Western Cape. A small colour image of Frederik Willem de Klerk appears in the bottom right-hand corner next to the ...