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dc.description.tableofcontentsHon. Cecil John Rhodes ; Sir Henry Morton Stanley ; The late Sir D. Tennant (photograph) ; The late General Joubert (photograph) ; The late Hon. Peacock, M. L. C., Queenstown (photograph) ; Johnathan Ayliff ; Hon. Charles Brownlee ; Mr. P. W. Court ; Sir Langham Dale ; Mr. John Bardwell Ebden ; Mr. John Gately ; Thomas Burt Glanville ; Hon. Robert Godlonton ; Bishop Gray ; Mr. James Rose Innes ; Hon. Frederic Schermbrucker ; Mr. Frederick York St. Leger ; Bishop Merriman ; The late Hon. A. Douglas, M. L. C. (photograph) ; The late Colonel Rhodes (photograph) ; The late Colonel Schermbrucker (photograph) ; The late Prof. Steward (photograph) ; Sir Charles Mills ; John Charles Molteno ; Mr. John Paterson ; Mr. William Porter ;Andries Stockenstrom ; Hon. George Wood ; Dingaan's monument, Transvaal (photograph) ; Mr. Henry W. Bidwell ; Mr. William Jardine ; Mr. David Kerr ; The late president Kruger's monument, Pretoria, Transvaal (photograph) ; Cape Flora (6 photographs).
dc.format.extent18 pages
dc.publisherThe Transvaal Publishing Company
dc.sourceAfricana Section
dc.titleDeceased public menen_ZA

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