• Our Boer policy : an historical sketch 

      Clark, G. B. (Gavin Brown), 1846-1930 (Westminster : Transvaal Committee, 1900)
    • Shall we destroy the Transvaal Republic and cause civil war in South Africa 

      Transvaal Committee
      The Transvaal Committee urges fellow-countrymen to hold meetings and to protest against the British people who threaten to destroy the Republic of South Africa in order that they may annex the land and seize the goldfields.
    • South Africa and the Transvaal : the story of a conspiracy 

      Statham, F. Reginald (Francis Reginald); Transvaal Committee ([London] : Transvaal Committee, 1899)
      Lecture delivered by F. Reginald Statham on South Africa and the Transvaal, in the Temperance Hall, Newport, Monmouthshire, on 25 September 1899.
    • South African history 

      Transvaal Committee
      Summary of the history of South Africa from 1652 until 1899, by the Transvaal Committee.
    • The Transvaal Committee : report of six months' work 

      Transvaal Committee ([London : Transvaal Committee], 1900-02-01)
      Six months' work report by the Transvaal Committee, formed at a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Liberal Forwards, to watch the proceedings of the Colonial Office and to rouse public opinion to prevent a war between ...
    • The Transvaal crisis 

      Transvaal Committee (London : Transvaal Committee, 1899-07-10)
      Report of a public meeting held in St. Martin's Town Hall on Monday, July 10th, 1899, to protest against reckless threats of war with the Transvaal.
    • The Transvaal question : some views of Mr. Frank Watkins 

      Watkins, Frank ([London : Transvaal Committee], 1900)
      According to Mr. Frank Watkins, the outcome of the policy of imperialism is so rampant in England on one side and the ultra-conservation of the Boers on the other side. He urges the English to press the necessity of taking ...