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1subject_keyword:Theal, George McCall, 1837-1919 -- Miscellanea16928.69%0.00
2subject_keyword:South Africa -- History -- To 183616027.16%0.00
4author_keyword:Manuscripts Section, Stellenbosch University Library and Information Service14224.11%0.00
5subject_keyword:Leibbrandt, H. C. V12120.54%0.00
6subject_keyword:Freedom of movement -- South Africa -- History11719.86%0.00
7subject_keyword:south africa -- history -- to 183671.19%0.00
8author_keyword:manuscripts section, stellenbosch university library and information service50.85%0.00
9subject_keyword:freedom of movement -- south africa -- history50.85%0.00
10subject_keyword:leibbrandt, h. c. v50.85%0.00


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