• Torah readings 

      Singer, Fay
      Notes on the Bible Books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.
    • Women and the Hebrew Bible 

      Singer, Fay
      Notes about women in the Bible and Jewish music and traditions based on the Old Testament.
    • Book of Jonah 

      Singer, Fay
      Lecture notes about the Book of Jonah in the Bible.
    • SA Jewish Music Centre notebook 

      Singer, Fay
      Notes on donations and suggestions for the cataloguing of records for the SA Jewish Music Centre.
    • Arab-Jewish concerts and composers 

      Singer, Fay
      Notes on recordings of various Arab-Jewish concerts and composers from 27 to 29 June 2000.
    • Board members 

      Singer, Fay
      List of board members at South African Jewish Music Centre.
    • Music list 

      Singer, Fay
      Music list. 'Ve ulai lo ha-yu ha-d'varin mey-o-lam, v'-u-lai'.
    • Songs of Solomon 

      Singer, Fay
      Notes on recordings of the Songs of Solomon by Salamone Rossi.
    • Classification system for Jewish music 

      Singer, Fay
      Notes on the classification system for Jewish music.
    • Mission statement 

      Singer, Fay
      SAJMC notes on preparation for the mission statement.
    • Alphen Centre 

      South African Jewish Music Centre (SAJMC)
      Directions from Muizenberg, Southern suburbs and Sea Point to Alphen Centre in Constantia Main Road. Annotated by Fay Singer.
    • The bone flute from the City of David exhibit 

      Singer, Fay
      Notes on the bone flute from the City of David exhibit. Attached different types of bone flutes and harps. Annotated by Fay Singer.
    • Macy Nulman 

      Singer, Fay
      Notes regarding musical notation. Fay Singer research notes for lectures series at UCT, June 1998. Attached: Photocopy of Cape Times article, "'Beyond the walls' returns for February concerts".
    • Hava nagila 

      Schmaman, Yiska
      Notes from Yiska Schmaman the daughter of A.Z. Idelsohn about the Idelsohn legacy of the song, 'Hava Nagila'.
    • Coffee with Klezmer 

      Singer, Fay
      Coffee with Klezmer and the Simcha Klezmer band performing for Channukkah at the South African Jewish Museum.
    • Exodus 14 

      Unknown author
      Exodus chapter 14. Beshallach.
    • Abba Kovner 

      Singer, Fay
      Notes on Abba Kovner, who was a partisan and poet during Hitler's reign.
    • Auschwitz 

      Singer, Fay
      Notes on Pavel Haas and Hans Krasa who were both murdered at Auschwitz.
    • Cape Town Jewish Male Choir 

      South African Jewish Music Centre (SAJMC)
      Confidential proposal to form the Cape Town Jewish Male Choir.
    • Rehearsals 

      Singer, Fay
      Rehearsal schedule for Psalms. Annotated by Fay Singer.