• Solfeggietto 

      Bach, Carl Philipp Emmanuel (1714-1788); composer (Alfred Lengnick & Co. Ltd. (London), 1766)
      C. P. E. Bach: Solfeggietto; edited by Stanley Hawley; Edition Lengnick; music print
    • Musical Sketches, op.10 

      Bennett, William Sterndale (1816-1875); composer (Augener, 1800)
      William Sterndale Bennett: Musical Sketches op. 10 (The Lake; The Millstream; The Fountain); music print
    • Duos, Vl 1 2 B 507-512 

      Pleyel, Ignaz (1757-1831); composer (Johann André, 1800)
      Ignace Pleyel: VI Duos pour deux violons composés; 1st violin; music print
    • Eventide (Abide with me) 

      Monk, William Henry (1823-1889); composer; Lyte, Henry Francis (1793-1847); text author; Herrnschmidt, Johann Daniel (1675-1723); text author (1847)
      William Henry Monk: Eventide (Abide With Me); manuscript, 20 identical copies
    • Gaëtana. Op.101 

      Ketterer, Eugène (1831-1870); composer (Darter & Sons (Cape Town), 1862)
      Eugène Ketterer: Gaëtana Mazurka, Op. 101; music print
    • Neuere empfehlenswerte Werke aus dem Verlage 

      Voigt, Bernhard Friedrich (1787-1859); editor (Verlagsbuchhandlung Bernh. Friedr. Voigt, 1890)
      Bernhard Friedrich Voigt: Neuere empfehlenswerte Werke aus dem Verlage; catalogue print
    • Den die Engel droben 

      Schnabel, Joseph Ignaz (1767-1831); composer; Otto, Ernst Julius (1804-1877); composer; Palmer, Christian David Friedrich (1811-1875); composer; Reichardt, Johann Friedrich (1752-1814); composer; Händel, Georg Friedrich (1685-1759); composer; Haydn, Joseph (1732-1809); composer; Gebhard, Johann Gottfried (1755-1794); composer; Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Felix (1809-1847); composer; Hahn, Bernhard (1780-1852); composer; Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791); composer; Jaeschke, Christian David (1755-1827); composer; Schulz, Johann Abraham Peter (1747-1800); composer; Latrobe, Christian Ignatius (1757-1836); composer; Wolf, Ernst Wilhelm (1735-1792); composer; Claudius, Matthias (1740-1815); text author; Rinck, Johann Christian Heinrich (1770-1846); composer; Gregor, Christian [Friedrich] (1723-1801); composer; La Trobe, Johann Friedrich (1769-1845); composer; Hellstroem, Georg Friedrich (1825-1912); composer; Reißiger, Carl Gottlieb (1798-1859); composer; Naumann, Johann Gottlieb (1741-1801); composer; Blüher, Johann August (1785-1839); composer; Grimm, Johann Daniel (1719-1760); composer; Hiller, Ferdinand von (1811-1885); composer; Fischer; composer; Racine, Jean (1639-1699); text author (1897-02-27)
      Wilhelm Frederick Johannes: Choir Book; collection of sacred music pieces; manuscript
    • The Night has a Thousand Eyes 

      Lambert, Frank (1868-1925); composer (Chappell & Co. (London), 1899)
      Frank Lambert: The Night Has a Thousand Eyes; Series of Short Songs; Chappell & Co. Ltd.; music print
    • Famous Tunes, arranged by Harold Perry 

      Schubert, Franz (1797-1828); composer; Perry, Harold (1895-1956); arranger (Hawkes & Son Ltd., 1900)
      Franz Schubert: Famous Tunes, arranged by Harold Perry, published in the series Everybody's music library, vol.III; Piano solo; print
    • The climax music albums no. 10 

      Mansfield, Orlando Augustine (1863-1936); composer; Strauss, Johann (1825-1899); composer; Brahms, Johannes (1833-1897); composer; Mendelssohn, Felix (1809-1847); composer; Tchaikovsky, Peter (1840-1893); composer; Schubert, Franz (1797-1828); composer; Beethoven, Ludwig (1770-1827); composer; Bennett, William Sterndale (1816-1875); composer; Rachmaninoff, Sergei (1873-1943); composer; Handel, George Friedrich (1816-1875); composer; Palmer, King (1913-1999); composer; Newton, Ernest (1856-1922); composer; Chopin, Frédéric (1810-1849); composer (W. Paxton & Co., 1900)
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    • The Chapel in the Mountains. A Tone Picture 

      Wilson, G.D. [Grenville Dean] (1833-1897); composer; Wollenhaupt, Hermann A. (1827-1863); composer; Blake, Charles Dupee (1847-1903); composer; Hummel, Johann Nepomuk (1778-1837); composer; Comettant, Oscar (1819-1898); composer (Wickins & Co., 1901)
      Wickins' Grosvenor Books no. 32; collection of pieces for piano; music print
    • Scherzi, Klavier, D 593. Allegretto 

      Schubert, Franz (1797-1828); composer; Esipoff, Stepán (1859-1907); composer (Winthrop RogersWinthrop Rogers Ltd, 1903)
      Franz Schubert: Scherzo in B flat, D 593 no. 1; Stepán Esipoff: Lettre d'Amour op. 28 (collection of two pieces from Group 16 Intermediate Division T. C. L. Examinations)
    • A Swan Song 

      Farjeon, Harry (1878-1948); composer (Augener Ltd. (London), 1905)
      Harry Farjeon: A Swan-Song for piano; Augener Ltd.; music print
    • Seventeen Voluntaries for the Organ, Book VIII 

      Simper, Caleb (1856-1942); composer (Weekes & Co.Clayton F. Summy Co. (Chicago), 1907)
      Caleb Simper: Seventeen Voluntaries for the Organ, American Organ or Harmonium; book 8; music print
    • Summer-Time [Chattering] 

      Wachs, Paul (1851-1915); composer (Augener & Co. (London)J. B. Katto (Bruxelles), 1912)
      Paul Wachs: "Chattering" from "Summer-Time"; Augener Ltd, music print
    • Balladen, Klavier, op. 23 (g-Moll) 

      Chopin, Frédéric (1810-1849); composer; Huneker, James (1857-1921); author of preface (G. Schirmer Inc. (New York, N.Y.), 1916)
      Frédéric Chopin: Ballades for the Piano [published in the series Schirmer's Library of Musical Classics, vol. 31]; music print
    • City of Laughter, City of Tears 

      Nicholls, Horatio (1888-1964); composer [pseudonym of Wright, Lawrence]; Wright, Lawrence (1888-1964); composer [real name of Nicholls, Horatio]; David, Worton (1872–1940); text author (Lawrence Wright Music Co. (London), 1920)
      Horatio Nicholls: City of Laughter, City of Tears; Lawrence Wright Music Co.; music print
    • Nobody Lied (When they said that I cried over you) 

      Weber, Edwin J. (1893-?); composer; Norman, Karyl (1897–1947); text author; Berry, Hyatt; text author (B. Feldman & Co., 1922)
      Edwin J. Weber: Nobody Lied; music print
    • When the lights go down in Chinatown 

      Franklin, Malvin M. (1889-?); composer; Gerber, Alex (1895-1969); text author (B. Feldman & Co., 1922)
      Malvin M. Franklin: When the lights go down in Chinatown; music print
    • Pinkie. "The Flapper Song" 

      Caesar, William F.; composer; Weise, Herbert W.; text author (B. Feldman & Co., 1922)
      William F. Cesar: Pinkie. "The Flapper Song."; music print