• A new and accurate map of Africa 

      Bowen, Thomas, d.1790
      Coloured map. At top of map: Engraved for Bankes's New System of Geography, Published by Royal Authority. First appeared in Middelton's "New and Complete system of Geography", 1777-78, and was reissued for Bankes "Geography" ...
    • A new map of Africa 

      Sayer, Robert, 1725-1794
      Coloured map. Scale not given. Title within large cartouche (uncoloured) top left, depicts a native holding a twisted staff; a palm in the background; there is a lion lying at his feet & a crocodile to the right. Inset ...
    • A new map of Africa from the latest authorities 

      Cary, John, 1754-1835 (J. Cary, 1805)
      Coloured map. Scale not given.
    • A new map of Africa from the latest observations 

      Senex, John, d.1740
      Coloured map. Appears in J. Senex: A new general atlas of the world, London, 1721.
    • A new map of Africk 

      Wells, Edward, 1667-1727
      Map. Probably taken from the 1722 ed. of "A new sett of maps" by E. Wells as the figure 37 inscribed twice on top border corresponds to the no. given in this ed.
    • Partie de l'Afrique audelá de l'Equateur, Comprenant le Congo, la Cafrerie &c. 

      Brion de la Tour, Louis
      Coloured map. Paris, chez le Sr. Desnos... 1766 "This map may originally have formed part of Brion de la Tour's "Atlas général..., issued in Paris in 1767", Johannesburg Pub. Lib.: Exhibition of decorative maps of Africa ...
    • Paskaart van de Zuyd-west-kust van Africa 

      Hondius, Jodocus (III), fl. 1652 (Jodocus Hondius, 1652)
      Coloured chart. Line scale given for inset. Inset in top left corner has no title but is an enlarged chart of the coast between St. Helena & False Bay. Smaller inset next to it, is an enlargement of Vlees (Mossel) Bay. ...
    • The South Part of Africa, and the Island Madagascar 

      Moll, Herman, d.1732
      Coloured map. Line scale given. Page number top right: 44 Appeared in eds. pub. 1729-1735 of H. Moll's "Atlas minor." 1732 is written in pencil in bottom right corner.