• I Boerland 

      Sydafrikanske Fortaellinger (Kristiania : L.E. Tvedte, 1903)
      Norwegian story on the South African war.
    • I Simply Want To Help, Says Composer : Folk Song Royalty Cash for Limehill Africans 

      Staff Reporter (1968-05-19)
      The article expands on David Marks' decision to donate half his royalties from his three biggest hits to the people of Limehill, the then newly established African area outside Newcastle, Natal.
    • I was a spy at the Colosseum 

      Unknown author (South African Zionist Federation, 1934-01-12)
      Newspaper article with references to music.
    • I.s. Eeufeesfonds, U.S. 

      Thom, Hendrik Bernardus, 1905-1983
      Notes for a radio talk on Stellenbosch University Centenary Fund, including English version.
    • I.s. grootvaderklok 

      Thom, Hendrik Bernardus, 1905-1983
      Questions and answers regarding a grandfather clock made by Johann Michael Junck, dating from between 1768 and 1771, which Thom had acquired.
    • I.s. Nasionale Onderwysraad 

      Thom, Hendrik Bernardus, 1905-1983
      Information for radio news bulletin about the establishment of the National Education Council, including English translation.
    • I.s. universiteitsaangeleenthede 

      Thom, Hendrik Bernardus, 1905-1983
      Article on universities and their problems with special reference to South African universities and Stellenbosch University. Written at the request of TE Dönges.
    • I.s. wyle mej. Sarah Goldblatt 

      Thom, Hendrik Bernardus, 1905-1983
      Address on the life of Sarah Goldblatt delivered at the unveiling of a plaque in her honour in the garden at Arbeidsgenot, Oudtshoorn.
    • Ibadhi Mosque, Mombasa 

      Walton, James, 1911-1999
      Drawing of the Ibadhi Mosque, Mombasa.
    • ICC concert for Woodstock legend 

      The Mercury (1997-09-19)
      This article discusses Richie Havens' performance at Woodstock and difficulties they had during this performance as well as his coming performance at the Durban International Convention Centre.
    • Idaho Archaeologist Carves Out National Reputation 

      Penson, Betty
      The article reflects on the most recent achievements of archaeologist Don Crabtree who recently received an honorary Doctor of Science degree from the University of Idaho.
    • Idas Valley fowl-run 

      Erskine, Philip (Philip Niel), 1933-
      Photograph depicting the Idas Valley fowl-run, before restoration.
    • Idas Valley fowl-run, before restoration 

      Erskine, Philip (Philip Niel), 1933-
      Photograph depicting the Idas Valley fowl-run, before restoration.
    • Idas Valley fowl-run, nesting places 

      Erskine, Philip (Philip Niel), 1933-
      Photograph depicting nesting-places in the Idas Valley fowl-run, before restoration.
    • Idas Valley, Stellenbosch, fowl-run 

      Walton, James, 1911-1999
      Photograph depicting the fowl-run at Idas Valley, Stellenbosch.
    • Idasa and opposition politics 

      Slabbert, F. van Zyl (Frederik van Zyl), 1940-2010
      Generally stated, “Opposition politics [in South Africa] is being shaped by the dynamics of right-wing reaction and left-wing revolt and either is a consequence of the dynamics of reform initiated by the State. In other ...
    • Die ideaal in sig 

      Naude, Beyers, 1915-2004
      Ring sitting speech given at Linden entitled, "The ideal in sight".
    • Die ideaal vir die lewe van gelowige en gemeente 

      Naude, Beyers, 1915-2004
      Sermon held for confirmation of catechists at Pretoria East entitled, "The ideal for the life of believer and congregation".
    • Die ideaal vir elke Christengemeente 

      Naude, Beyers, 1915-2004
      Sermon held after Pentecost at Pretoria East entitled, "The ideal for every Christian community".
    • Die ideale kerk 

      Naude, Beyers, 1915-2004
      Pentecost sermon held at Olifantsfontein entitled, "The ideal church".