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1subject_keyword:Water-supply -- South Africa -- Cape of Good Hope11225.28%0.00
2subject_keyword:Hydraulic engineering -- South Africa -- Cape of Good Hope10323.25%0.00
4subject_keyword:Rain and rainfall -- South Africa -- Western Cape -- History -- 20th century10022.57%0.00
5author_keyword:Manuscripts Section, Stellenbosch University Library and Information Service9822.12%0.00
7author_keyword:manuscripts section, stellenbosch university library and information service40.90%0.00
8subject_keyword:hydraulic engineering -- south africa -- cape of good hope40.90%0.00
9subject_keyword:rain and rainfall -- south africa -- western cape -- history -- 20th century40.90%0.00
10subject_keyword:water-supply -- south africa -- cape of good hope40.90%0.00


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