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dc.description.tableofcontentsMr. Thomas Aitchison ; Mr. John Blair ; Mr. John Garden ; Mr. W. B. Gradwell ; Mr. Robert Gibson ; Mr. Richard Western Hodgin ; Mr. Petrus Jacobus Kolbe ; Dr. Richard Otto Kellner ; Mr. Rynholdt Antonie Ernest Klerck ; Mr. William Lambon ; Dr. Pieter de Villiers Moll ; Mr. Hugh McDonald ; Mr. Hay Stewart Mackintosh ; Mr. Hastngs FitzEdward Peet ; Mr. Wilfred Rogers Sanbey ; Mr. James Strang ; Dr. Thomas Christopher Visser ; Mr. Albert Cooper Woodward ; Mr. Hugh McDOnald, Orange River Colony (photograph) ; Mr. Robert Gibson, Harrismith, O.R.C. (photograph) ; Mr. H. S. Mackintosh, Bloemfontein, O.R.C. (photograph) ; General Christian Rudolf de Wet ; Mr. Hugh Gunn ; Mr. Arthur Godfrey Barlow ; Jacobus Hendrick de la Rey ; Dr. Otto Krause ; Zuurberg Pass : Old wagon road to the north (photograph) ; Church Street, Pretoria : early days (photograph) ; The Exchange, Barberton : early days (photograph) ; Elands Spruit : on the road to Barberton (photograph) ; Scene in Johannesburg during drought, 1896 (photograph) ; Witpoortje Valley (photograph) ; A sharp drop, Waterval Onder (photograph) ; Boksburg Lake (photograph).
dc.format.extent12 pages
dc.publisherThe Transvaal Publishing Company
dc.sourceAfricana Section
dc.subjectColonists -- South Africa -- Free Stateen_ZA
dc.titleAdditional biographies : Orange River Colonyen_ZA

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