• Catherine and Sandile at Lunch 

      Brubeck, Catherine | Shange, Sandile (19--)
      Photograph of Cathy and Shange at lunch.
    • Catherine Brubeck and Glynis O'Hara 

      Brubeck, Catherine | O'Hara, Glynis (19--)
      Photograph of Catherine Brubeck and Glynis O'Hara in front of a bar.
    • Centre for Jazz & Popular Music - University of Natal presents "Trios Plus February - March 2002 

      Centre for Jazz & Popular Music (2002-02)
      The leaflet/ poster includes a list of upcoming jazz performances for the months of February and March.
    • Curry & Jazz at the Moon Hotel 

      Hosted by Moon Hotel (02-18, 19,)
      The advertisement promotes 5 upcoming events hosted by the Moon Hotel. Performers include: Basil Manenberg Coetzee & Sabenza, Duze Mahlobo, Sakhile, African Jazz Pioneers & Rene McLean.
    • Dan and Chris Brubeck 

      Brubeck, Daniel | Brubeck, Chris (19--)
      Photograph of Dan and Chris Brubeck.
    • Darius Brubeck and Winston Mankunku Ngozi Rainbow Jazz Club 

      Unknown author (1980)
      Performance of Darius Brubeck and Winston Mankunku Ngozi at the Rainbow Jazz Club in the 1980s.
    • Darius Brubeck's Jazz Note: Big Bands …at Home and Abroad 

      Brubeck, Darius (1994-09-09)
      The article is centred around jazz as a genre amidst the broader jazz scene. Darius comments on his experience through Cimiez Gardens by recounting some musicians he pumped into and the kind of musical styles being played. ...
    • Darius, Chris, Dan and Dave Brubeck on a coach 

      Brubeck, Darius | Brubeck, Dave | Brubeck, Chris | Brubeck, Dan (19--)
      Photograph of Darius, Chris, Dan and Dave Brubeck on a coach.
    • Dave and Darius Brubeck and others 

      Brubeck, Darius | Brubeck, Dave (1976)
      Photograph of Dave and Darius Brubeck and others.
    • The Durban-based Jazzanians 

      Unknown author (19--)
      Caption of photograph - The Durban-based Jazzanians, Zim Ngqawana, Johnny Mekoa, Melvin Peters, Lulu Gontsana, Victor Masondo and Andrew Eagle
    • Five Years of Making A Difference -Art Works Trust - 5th Birthday Bash to Celebrate Our Achievements & Raise Funds to Continue Our Work 

      Art Works Trust [1994-1999] | Centre for Jazz-University of Natal [Durban] (1999-06-25)
      The advertisement promotes an event in which music entertainment by Darius Brubeck, Madala Kunene & Imaginary Quartet [Syd Kitchen, Dan Wilson & Wesley Gibbens] will be present. The Green Berets Iscathamiya Group, 'Crutch' ...
    • Futshane, Dlamini, Ntuli, Kiliau, Kaku and Brubeck, Merz and Cathy sitting on stairs 

      Futshane, Lex | Dlamini, Sazi | Kiliau, Mark | Ntuli, Sthembiso | Kaku, Feya | Brubeck, Darius | Merz, Chris | Brubeck, Cathy (19--)
      Photograph of Futshane, Dlamini, Ntuli, Kiliau, Kaku and Brubeck, Merz and Cathy sitting on stairs.
    • Gathering Brubeck's Forces 

      O'Hara, Glynis (1993)
      The article was based on an interview with Darius Brubeck in which the state and progress of jazz in South Africa after his arrival and initiation of jazz studies at the University of Natal. An inclusion of all of his ...
    • Harmony Through Music 

      Montgomery, Clayton (2001-09-07)
      The article promotes an evening featuring Darius Brubeck who assembled 15 musicians named Gathering Forces for a show culminating in a new composition, Humanity Has No colour by Darius and Catherine Brubeck. The show ...
    • A Huge Feast of Music! 

      Coleman, Carl (1993-09-08)
      The article promotes Durban's first International Festival of Music promising to deliver on varying styled ranging from rock, fusion to rap, and township jive to gospel organised by the Napac, the Natal Cultural Congress ...
    • International association of jazz event 

      Unknown author (1998-09-01)
      Photograph of individuals at an event for the international association of jazz.
    • Jazz Gig 

      Tonight (1993-09-03)
      Newspaper photograph of Lex Futshane, Darius Brubeck and Chris Merz who were to perform at the Sea Restaurant in Durban North
    • Jazz with a difference 

      Daily News (1986-08-20)
      This article is a notice that Brubeck, his brother Matthew and Gontsana will be performing at the Jubilee Hall in Durban.
    • Jazz with a difference performance 

      Unknown author (19--)
      This is a poster for Jazz with a difference including Brubeck and Gontsana.
    • Jazzanians by Kippies 

      Vinassa, Andrea (1989-02-10)
      The article notifies the readers of the days in which the Jazzanians will be at Kippies. Some background and history of the band has been included as well as some performers with a mention of their TV appearances.