Digitised collections mostly of South African importance, kept at the Documentation Centre for Music (DOMUS) in the Music library.

Collections in this community

  • Albert Coates [630]

    The complete Coates collection consists of address books, artefacts, articles, autograph books, brochures, certificates, correspondence, furniture, libretti, monographs, music manuscripts, newspaper cuttings, notes, objets ...
  • Christopher James [30]

    The collection consists of articles, correspondence, monographs, music manuscripts, notes, periodicals, photographs, printed sheet music, programmes and sound recordings.
  • Fay Singer South African Jewish Music Centre Collection [10]

    Brochures, correspondence, newsletters, newspaper cuttings, notes, periodicals, posters, programmes, sheet music and sound recordings donated to the Centre by local synagogues, cantors and other individuals.
  • Graham Newcater [2]

    The Newcater collection consists of correspondence, monographs, music manuscripts, newspaper cuttings, drawings, photographs and printed music.
  • John Simon [17]

    The John Simon collection consists of music manuscripts, correspondence and sound recordings.
  • South African Jewish music articles [4964]

    Articles on music published in Jewish newspapers in South Africa
  • Stefans Grové [120]

    The Grové collection consists of articles, correspondence, music manuscripts, notes and printed music.

Recent Submissions

  • Violin concerto, opus 40 

    Simon, John, 1944
    Revised score. 1. Threnody I -- 2. accompanied Cadenza I -- 3. Scherzino -- 4. accompanied Cadenza II -- 5. Threnody II.
  • Requiem for orchestra, opus 42 

    Simon, John, 1944
    Score. 1. Requiem Aeternam and Kyrie -- 2. Dies Irae -- 3. Agnus Dei -- 4. Libera me. Originally called 'Requiem of 1984' and later changed to 'Requiem for 1984'.
  • SA Jewish Music Centre notebook 

    Singer, Fay
    Notes on donations and suggestions for the cataloguing of records for the SA Jewish Music Centre.
  • Arab-Jewish concerts and composers 

    Singer, Fay
    Notes on recordings of various Arab-Jewish concerts and composers from 27 to 29 June 2000.
  • Songs of Solomon 

    Singer, Fay
    Notes on recordings of the Songs of Solomon by Salamone Rossi.
  • Music list 

    Singer, Fay
    Music list. 'Ve ulai lo ha-yu ha-d'varin mey-o-lam, v'-u-lai'.
  • Mission statement 

    Singer, Fay
    SAJMC notes on preparation for the mission statement.
  • Classification system for Jewish music 

    Singer, Fay
    Notes on the classification system for Jewish music.
  • Board members 

    Singer, Fay
    List of board members at South African Jewish Music Centre.
  • Women and the Hebrew Bible 

    Singer, Fay
    Notes about women in the Bible and Jewish music and traditions based on the Old Testament.
  • Book of Jonah 

    Singer, Fay
    Lecture notes about the Book of Jonah in the Bible.
  • Torah readings 

    Singer, Fay
    Notes on the Bible Books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.
  • String quartet no 3 

    James, Christopher Langford, 1952-2008
    1. The sea at sunrise - Adagio calmato e tranquilllo -- 2. The sea at midday -- Poco scherzando e grazioso -- 3. The sea at mid-afternoon - Allegro tempestuoso -- 4. The sea at night - Adagio cantabile e sostenuto - Quasi ...
  • String quartet no 2 

    James, Christopher Langford, 1952-2008
    1. Lento calmato -- 2. Allegretto grazioso -- 3. Quasi scherzando -- 4. Allegro appassionato - molto espressivo con rubato -- 5. Adagio cantabile e melancholico -- 6. Allegro furioso -- 7. Andante capriccioso. Dedicated ...
  • Drie Psalms : vir gemengde koor en orrel : tot die genade en eer van God 

    James, Christopher Langford, 1952-2008
    Psalm 8 -- Psalm 121 -- Psalm 103. Contains corrections.
  • Dialogue for violin and cello 

    James, Christopher Langford, 1952-2008 (1985-02)
  • Transformations for solo flute 

    James, Christopher Langford, 1952-2008 (1995)
  • Soliloquy for double bass 

    James, Christopher Langford, 1952-2008 (2006)
  • Rondo in C for piano, opus 8 

    Simon, John, 1944
  • Chromatic serpent 

    Newcater, Graham, 1941

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