Digitised collections mostly of South African importance, kept at the Documentation Centre for Music (DOMUS) in the Music library.

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  • Albert Coates [630]

    The complete Coates collection consists of address books, artefacts, articles, autograph books, brochures, certificates, correspondence, furniture, libretti, monographs, music manuscripts, newspaper cuttings, notes, objets ...
  • Christopher James [30]

    The collection consists of articles, correspondence, monographs, music manuscripts, notes, periodicals, photographs, printed sheet music, programmes and sound recordings.
  • Fay Singer South African Jewish Music Centre Collection [62]

    Brochures, correspondence, newsletters, newspaper cuttings, notes, periodicals, posters, programmes, sheet music and sound recordings donated to the Centre by local synagogues, cantors and other individuals.
  • Graham Newcater [3]

    The Newcater collection consists of correspondence, monographs, music manuscripts, newspaper cuttings, drawings, photographs and printed music.
  • John Simon [23]

    The John Simon collection consists of music manuscripts, correspondence and sound recordings.
  • South African Jewish music articles [4964]

    Articles on music published in Jewish newspapers in South Africa
  • Stefans Grové [120]

    The Grové collection consists of articles, correspondence, music manuscripts, notes and printed music.

Recent Submissions

  • Rabbitt Better But Magic Missing 

    Michell, John; Feldman, Peter (19--)
    The first article pertains to a concert featuring Rabbitt/ 5000 Volts and Brian Finch with Kenny Henson at the Film Trust Arena whereby the author reflects on all the musicians, points out the faults and provides praise ...
  • Arts Insight : The New Sound of Wagon Wheels 

    Holtzhausen, Evelyn; Coetzer, Owen (1977-05-03)
    The articles pertain to performances featuring Brian Finch and Kenny Henson. The first referring to performances at the Wagon Wheels Hotel in Durban whilst the other pertaining to concerts at Nafma. Both articles commend ...
  • Piano concerto no 1. opus 15 

    Simon, John, 1944
    Score. Piano concerto in three movements, composed in Kingsclere, Berkshire, England in 1969-70. Rewritten in 1981, 1991 and 2003.
  • Live Rabbitt Show Kills Dead Duck Image 

    Coetzer, Owen; Holtzhausen, Evelyn (1977)
    The articles pertain to a concert featuring the 5000 Volts (Lynda Kelly, Steve Lauri, Martin Cohen, Mike Nelson and Rabbitt (Duncan Faure, Aiden Mason, Ronnie Robot, Nail Cloud) also featuring Brian Finch and Kenny Henson ...
  • Leyden at the Durban City Hall 

    Unknown author (14, 15 & 1)
    Both the first and second documents are copies of each other which consist of a cartoon and newspaper clipping pertaining to the 5000 Volts and Rabbitt featuring Brian Finch and Kenny Henson with Comedian Tony Stewart. The ...
  • The Critics : Accentuating the Positive 

    Michell, John; Coetzer, Owen; Feldman, Peter; Hallack, Bridget; Michell, John (1977-12-31)
    The compilation consists of five separate newspaper articles all pertaining to the 5000 Volts concert. The newspaper articles serve as a variety of opinions and reviews pertaining to the concert.
  • Rabbitt Rocks It To Them : Music 

    English, Adrian; Coetzer, Owen; Holtzhausen, Evelyn (1977)
    The two documents forming part of this compilation consist of three separate newspaper articles pertaining to the 5000 VOLTS and RABBITT featuring Brian Finch, Kenny Henson and Tony Stewart, amongst other performers such ...
  • Press Release From the Market Café : "Brian Finch with Kenny Henson" 

    MAC (22 March)
    The document promotes upcoming concerts featuring Brian Finch and Kenny Henson at the Market Café running for a three week period. The document also includes a short biography of Finch and Henson as well as a short paragraph ...
  • Concert : Birth of A Dynamic Band 

    Feldman, Peter (19--)
    The article reflects on a concert in which a focus had been placed on Brian Finch. Feldman expands on the idea of the emergence of a dynamic band with a specific mention of the Freedoms Children and Abstract Truth whilst ...
  • Please Save Us From Fantasies 

    Grondo, John (19--)
    The author reviews the Brian Finch-Kenny Henson debut album, "Playgrounds in Paradise". The review is critical in nature and focuses on instrumental recording issues and a distasteful finished product. A black and white ...
  • Brian Finch Bringing Back the Good Times 

    Asylum Records (March, Apr)
    The cover pertains to a two-sided vinyl consisting of 11 songs in totality. Black and white photographs of other musicians have also been included accompanied by recording details and credits.
  • This Is My Beat : Brian, Kenny Are Riding The Crest of A Wave 

    Feldman, Peter (1977-08-12)
    The article reflects on the international hype surrounding Brian Finch and Kenny Henson who's soundtrack was used in the film, "Playgrounds in Paradise" which was released in 35 cinemas in California. Information surrounding ...
  • Market Café : Brian Finch : Asylum Recording Artiste : Nightly From Tuesday 23rd November to Sunday 28th @ 9 pm 

    Market Café (23-28 Nove)
    The document serves as a promotional writing informing potential audiences of upcoming performances of Brian Finch scheduled to perform at the Market Café. Information surrounding his recording activities have been included ...
  • Kenny Henson : Let Us Become Man : A Multi-media Human Symphony 

    Gibbon, Duncan (1975-1976)
    Gibbon writes about his friend Kenny Henson in 1975 and 1976 which had yet to be released by the time of the publication. He reflects on his frustration of Henson as he believes that his live performances are much better ...
  • Playgrounds in Paradise by Alan Rich 

    Casperson, Richard (19--)
    The article serves as a favourable film review which highlighted a variety of wave types from around the world. Casperson reflects on the formation of the film and points out the similarities between Rich's film and the ...
  • Ken E Henson 

    Arlene and extended family consisting of Ché, Quanta, Justin, David, Johnathan and Helen (1947-03-08)
    The two page document consists of words spoken by Ken E Henson before his death as well as words written by his family to commemorate his life. The colourful and photo filled tribute honours Henson's life and his deep faith.
  • Chart Topping Superstars All In One Electrifying Happening : Rabbitt 5000 Volts : With Compére/ Comedian Tony Stewart 

    Unknown author (14, 15 & 1)
    The newspaper clipping refers to a concert featuring amongst others, comedian Tony Stewart, who were scheduled to perform at the Durban City Hall and the Shah Jehan Cinema.
  • Southern African Black Music Anthology 1931-1978 

    Unknown author (1931-1978)
    The documents refer to the process in which the author compiled information and music recordings pertaining to Southern Africa from 1931-1978. Information referring to the history, public perceptions, record companies and ...
  • Marks for Folk Club 

    The Daily News : Night Beat; Nightbeat Reporter; City Press; PTA News; Oggendblad; Bleed; Sunday Tribune; The Natal Mercury; Sunday Tribune; The Natal Mercury; United Artists (1992-05-21)
    The compilation consists of newspaper articles, correspondence, notes relating to a biography as well as song lyrics. Many of the documents pertain to Raven (Consisting of Derek Riley, Doc Barendse, Dino Salvatori, Piet ...
  • Re : Sample of My Works 

    Moyo, Lucky; The Arts Oasis (2004-09-15)
    This document is attached to material documented as hy-dm-docs-proposal-the-arts-oasis-moyo-001 which served as a sample of arranged works and proposal for recording opportunities with David Marks.

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