• 101 Ways To Use The Acoustic Guitar with Tony Cox and Steve Newman 

      Third Ear Enterprises (Pty) Ltd; 3rd Ear Music Record Productions, Records, Recordings & Publishing (19--)
      The poster promotes an upcoming concert featuring Tony Cox and Steve Newman hosted at the Chelsea Theatre. A black and white photograph of the two men have been included alongside the dates and times of the performances. ...
    • '14' Shabalala 

      Langa, Mauricio (2007-06-13)
      The article was written in reaction to the death of Shabalala. Some contextual information about the musician has been included alongside a mention of David Marks and 3rd Ear Music who had organised many of his shows.
    • 1968 Folk Festival at the Sandown Arts Theatre 

      Unknown author (1968-10-31)
      All pages forming part of this item were taken from the 1968 Folk Festival programme. The programme starts with an introduction compiled by the organisers in which they explain what the festival is all about. This is ...
    • 25th Splashy Fen Celebration 

      Splashy Fen (19--)
      The programme includes a welcoming section addressed to those in attendance, rules and regulations set for the event, contact numbers, a list of featured musicians and comedians accompanied by photographs, a map, available ...
    • 3rd Ear Music : Another Great South African Musician Passes On … 

      3rd Ear Music; The Hidden Years Music Archive Project (2007)
      The document resembles a short biography with colour photographs of Mlahleni Jame "14" Shabalala published by 3rd Ear Music and the Hidden Years Music Archive Project.
    • 3rd Ear Music : Equipment List and Capabilities 

      3rd Ear Music Company (Pty) Ltd (19--)
      The brochure includes a write-up pertaining to the available equipment and its capabilities at the 3rd Ear Studio in Durban. The information has been presented in varying sections which included, "The Studio", "The ...
    • 3rd Ear Music : Shabalala 

      Marks, David; 3rd Ear Music (2007-06-14)
      The email requested Radio uKhozi to play one or two tracks of the remastered HY Archive Project copy of '14' Shabalala as a tribute to his death.
    • 3rd Ear Music : Update : Something To Celebrate 

      3rd Ear Music
      The brochure published by 3rd Ear Music promotes all the new releases affiliated with the South African label. The first page includes a list of the new releases whilst the second page includes biographies and further ...
    • 3rd Ear Music Admission Ticket : No. 28 

      3rd Ear Music (19--)
      The admission ticket pertains to Clem Tholet (composer/ musician) allowing for free entrance to 3rd Ear Music presentations on Monday to Thursdays as well as Fridays and Saturdays.
    • 3rd Ear Music and David Marks 

      Unknown author
      This document contains information on 3rd Ear Music as well as biographical information on David Marks.
    • 3rd Ear Music at Le Plaza Proudly Presents Michele Maxwell 

      3rd Ear Music (19--)
      The poster promotes an upcoming concert featuring Michele Maxwell who was scheduled to perform at two shows. A black and white photograph of the artist as well as numerous newspaper clippings pertaining to her have been ...
    • 3rd Ear Music Home Office 001 

      Marks, David
      3rd Ear Music Home Office.
    • 3rd Ear Music Home Office 002 

      Marks, David
      3rd Ear Music Home Office.
    • 3rd Ear Music Home Office 003 

      Marks, David
      3rd Ear Music Home Office.
    • 3rd Ear Music in Association with Club Music Direct presents Crosby, Stills and Nash 

      KFM; RPM; 3rd Ear Music; Club Music Direct (19--)
      The poster advertises "Crosby, Stills and Nash," accompanied by locations, venues and performance dates.
    • 3rd Ear Music investors proposal 

      3rd Ear Music
      This document outlines why 3rd Ear Music needs investors. This document gives background and involvement of the company, music publishing, performance and artist management, record productions, record libraries, training ...
    • 3rd Ear Music leadership 

      Marks, David
      This document contains two items. The first document informs the recipient of the leadership of 3rd Ear Music and speaks about the local music industry and how it has changed. The second item contains handwritten information ...
    • 3rd Ear Music Lyrics 

      Unknown author
      This document outlines the lyrics for the songs Clear, Cool, Calm and Still by David Marks 1969, Say Goodbye by Roy Clarke and Alison Lowry 1980, Day after Day by David Marks 1980, Sold Out by David Marks 1969, Lungile ...
    • 3rd Ear Music News and Notes 

      3rd Ear Music (1993-12)
      This document is the newsletter of 3rd Ear Music and is a compilation of news, notes, Mark's home letters as well as local music news. This includes the projects for 1993, Tusk music-industry success story of Words or Ivory ...
    • 3rd Ear Music Office 001 

      Marks, David (1977)
      3rd Ear Music Office, Johannesburg.