Marguerite Isabel Murray was born in 1899 in Worcester. She completed her tertiary education at Victoria College which became Stellenbosch University. Marguerite spent 10 years as a schoolteacher. She taught at Bloemhof in Stellenbosch for four years and the remaining six years at Jan van Riebeeck in Cape Town. She then took up a position as a lecturer at the University of Cape Town and was also one of the founders of Kaapstadse Afrikaanse Toneelvereniging in 1934. She died in July 1983. Her most important contribution to theatre and acting is Binnehof (1959; drie bedrywe) in which she, in line with the small-realist direction of many Fagan dramas; gives an image of a number of apartment dwellers who in one way or another go through life (Kannemeyer, 1983:24). Reference: Kannemer, J.C. 1983. Geskiedenis van die Afrikaanse Literatuur 2. Academica: Pretoria.

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