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    • Impressive Dylan Encore 

      Daniel, Raeford; Feldman, Peter (19--)
      The two newspaper articles reflected on the "Words and Music by Bob Dylan", performed by The Elastic Head Band hosted at the Market Café. Aspects of the show as well as favourable opinions of the performance make up the ...
    • Cartoon : Musicians In Concert 

      Grogango (19--)
      The cartoon depicts a stage full of varied musicians all playing together. The accompanying caption pertains to the words of Ms Masekela who stated that her department's belief was that the cultural boycott should remain ...
    • Dave Gets On His Music Marks : Hidden Years Of A Songwriter Are Now Being Revealed 

      Feldman, Peter (1997-01-14)
      The article reflects on the life of David Marks based on information obtained during an interview. Facts pertaining to his personal life, opinions, political affiliations as well as his music career and those he worked ...
    • Durban Theatre Needs An Injection of Originality and Flair 

      Tyler, Humphrey (1995-06-18)
      The article was published in the wake of the cancellation of the show "The Lunatic, the Lover and the Poet", which had been scheduled to take place in the Studio Theatre in the Playhouse building in Durban. The focus ...
    • Singing Entrepreneur 

      Daniel, Raeford (1997-09-27)
      The article focuses on the life and musical career of David Marks with a mention of his involvement with Third Ear Music and his recent CD release called "The Hidden Years". Additional information pertained to his appearance ...
    • The Death of Johathan Cainer 

      Cainer, Johathan (19--)
      The short article notifies the public of Cainer's demise. Article is accompanied by a colour photograph of the musician.
    • The Woodstock Legacy Lingers On 

      Night beat Reporter (1989-08-24)
      The article makes reference to the musical achievements of David Marks. His ideas about the future of music in South Africa as well as past memories made at Woodstock Festival following its 20th anniversary was also ...
    • Yamaha For Perfect Reproduction 

      Kelly's Hoffmann's Musikland (19--)
      The newspaper advertisement includes a black and white photograph of David Marks holding a Yamaha guitar with the caption stating his position in the music industry as well as his informed decision to switch to Yamaha. A ...
    • Taking A Trip Down Memory Lane 

      Turner, Gisele (1997-04-03)
      The first article reflects on the Marks' family trip to Woodstock whereby Dave Marks and his Hidden Years Band was invited to perform at the festival which was sponsored in aid of C S Beyers-Naude Foundation. The second ...
    • In The Summertime 

      Dorset, Ray
      This document discusses the "In The Summertime" Dance Rave Medley and whether the recipient would be able to release it in South Africa.
    • All-Race Concert Organisers Bow Out of Permit Battle 

      Murdoch, Wynter (19--)
      The article reports on the abandonment of the Free People's Concert as a direct result result of permits. The organiser David Marks remarked that he was no longer interested in fighting what he defined as a 'losing battle' ...
    • Great Rock But Satire Is The Pits 

      Woodburn, Rob; Monteath, Adrian (1981-05-19)
      Both articles serve as reviews to the "Commit No Nuisance" concert hosted at the Chelsea Theatre. Both reviews included some references to particular parts of the show as well as the shortfalls. Artists such as the Excellent ...
    • Sound Hire experience 

      Marks, David
      This document is a draft letter that discusses Ron Selby and David Marks's involvement with Audio Sound Hire, Sound Reinforcement and Festival/Concert Sound Hire and the history of sound hire companies in Johannesburg and ...
    • Commit No Nuisance: A Full and Varied Night at The Chelsea 

      Marais, Chris (1981-05-11)
      The first article promotes an upcoming concert hosted at the Chelsea Theatre comprising of varied entertainment with the evening said to finish with a late night revue called "Commit No Nuisance". Artists such as Graham ...
    • Promotional material 

      Dorset, Ray
      This document states that they have included some promotional material alongside this letter and that they should stay in contact.
    • Radio Party Link 

      Unknown author
      This document is an initial report on the Radio Party Link for 13 July 1993.
    • Free People's Music Concert 

      Nunns, Christopher; Lazarus, Neil; Kidson, Jim (19--)
      The first article pertains to the Free People's Concert featuring Andrew Tracey, Sammy Brown, The Cheyennes, Mike Dickman and John Oakley-Smith amongst others. Contextual information surrounding the concert was also included ...
    • Party Link Project and objectives 

      3rd Ear Music
      This document discusses the Party Link Project, the objectives of this venture, how this venture works and possible opportunities for sponsors.
    • 'Master Jack' Mark's Roving Talent Scout For Durban Arts 

      Tonight Reporter (1987-08-10)
      The article focuses on the scouting of shy artists who lack the confidence or knowledge to complete funding applications for the Durban Arts Association. The desire to scout genuine talent was undertaken by David Marks ...
    • Durban Folk Club newsletter 

      Brown, Carole
      This document discusses details pertaining to the next issue of the Durban Folk Club newsletter. This includes the Waldorf School Moonlight Market, feature artists on Monday evenings, upcoming social events and upcoming events.