• India Conference / Indië Konferensie, 1926 

      Unknown author
      Groepfoto by geleentheid van die konferensie tussen verteenwoordigers van die regerings van Indië en die Unie van Suid-Afrika, Desember 1926. Agter, v.l.n.r.: R.W. Brandon, C.S. Richetts, J.A. Wyndham en Mr. Asadullah. Middel, ...
    • National Party Cabinet, 1952 

      Life Magazine; Duncan, David Douglas
      National Party Cabinet, 1952. Around the table from left to right: J.G. Strijdom, C.R. Swart, P.O. Sauer, Ben Schoeman, ___, ___, ___, ___, H.F. Verwoerd, T.E. Dönges, Eric Louw, S.P. le Roux, F.C. Erasmus [?], D.F. ...
    • J.G. Strijdom, D.F. Malan & P.O. Sauer, 1948 

      Unknown author
      Photograph 1948, from left to right: J.G. Strijdom, D.F. Malan & P.O. Sauer.
    • Van Riebeeck Festival 

      Unknown author
      Van Riebeeck Festival, Cape Town 1952. The parade of the Malay community covered many aspects of the Malay social life and customs. This photo depicts a marriage group photographed in one of the coaches.
    • The Malans & General Smuts 

      Unknown author
      Photograph taken in Cape Town, 1938, picturing from left to right Malan, his wife Maria and Genl. Smuts.
    • 1st Malan Cabinet 1948 

      Unknown author
      Photograph of the Malan Cabinet, 1948. Voor, v.l.n.r.: mnr. J.G. Strydom (Minister van Lande en Besproeiing), mnr. N.C. Havenga (Minister van Finansies), dr. D.F. Malan (Eerste Minister en Minister van Buitelandse Sake), ...
    • Vryheidsdeputasie, 1919 

      Unknown author
      Lede van die Vryheidsdeputasie, 1919. Voor, v.l.n.r.: Dr. D.F. Malan, genl. J.B.M. Hertzog, sen. A.D. Wolmarans en adv. F.W. Beyers Agter, v.l.n.r.: Dr. Gey van Pittius, dr. H. Reitz, mnre. N.C. Havenga, E.G. Jansen en ...
    • Strijdom, Malan & Swart 

      Unknown author
      Beginning Parliament, 1951. Left to right Strydom, Malan & Swart, signed by all three.
    • Prime Ministers Conference / Premierskonferensie 

      Unknown author
      Prime Ministers Conference, London, April 1949. From left to right: Jawaharlal Nehru, C. Attlee, D.F. Malan.
    • H.F. Verwoerd & D.F. Malan 

      Unknown author
      Dr. Verwoerd hands over the keys of the automobile, the “Transvaal” which the National Party of Transvaal donated to him on 25 October 1954.