Recent Submissions

  • Festival Swings 

    Rand Daily Mail (1976-10-16)
    The photograph caption pertains to the Rand Daily Mail Music Festival which attracted about 2000 pop-folk music enthusiasts.
  • A Goonful of Spike's Factory 

    Michell, John (1979-03-01)
    The author of the newspaper article reflects on his first hand experience of a show hosted by Spike Milligan at the Colosseum. He raves about his talent and encourages readers to attend one of his performances. The article ...
  • Time Schedule for Thursday Evening Television Watching 

    Unknown author (1978-01)
    The newspaper article serves as a programme indicating the order of events featured that evening on television.
  • Sing-A-Long at the Clovagalix Restaurant 

    Lew and Dave (19--)
    The newspaper advertises weekly sing-a-longs on Tuesday and Thursdays hosted at the Clovagalix Restaurant with Ashley Parker.
  • The Rockets 

    Unknown author
    Two numbered colouring in cartoon pictures.
  • Book Pages 

    Unknown author (19--)
    The item consists of two torn out pages of a book written in the first person.
  • Fun and Games 

    Connolly, Bob (19--)
    The cartoon depicts a child and older man being shown "The Political Meeting Game" in which the male teller stated that the game came with a removable microphone, plastic eggs, and tomatoes. He also stated that the game ...
  • Top Musicians In Concert at Wits 

    Makhaya, Elliot; Minervini, Rina (19--)
    Both articles forming part of this item pertain to a concert hosted at Wits University entitled, "Black Is The Colour". Both articles discuss the particulars surrounding the concert with a specific focus placed on black ...
  • Folk Alive … 

    Daniel, Raeford; Dobson, Marc (19--)
    The first article pertains to information surrounding the upcoming Folk Festival which is accompanied by names of featured artists such as Clem Tholet, Edi Nederlander, Colin Shamley and David Marks, amongst others. The ...
  • This Is The Hit "Master Jack" 

    Four Jacks and A Jill (1968-02-24)
    The piece of paper promotes the release of the hit 'Master Jack' composed and written by David Marks. The hit was performed by Four Jacks and A Jill.
  • Schoolboy Is Guilty Under Red Act 

    Staff Reporter; Emdon, Clive (19--)
    The first article refers to an incident in which a 18-year old schoolboy, Clarence Hamilton, had written poems which according to magistrate Mr W. F. Krugel had intentionally incited violence. The second article refers to ...
  • Folksong Festival : New Folk Theatre : Adjoining the Troubadour 

    Unknown author (19--)
    The short advertisement promotes an upcoming event in which artists such as Des and Dawn, Leon, Fr. McLeer as well as Dave Marks amongst others were scheduled to perform. Venue and concert specifics have been included ...
  • An Ode For Radio 

    SABC (19--)
    The advertisement/ short write-up relates to the SABC and what was being offered to the public.
  • RCA : Victor 

    Marks, David (19--)
    The item consists of two papers. The first refers to the RCA Victor label whilst the other document consists of handwritten notes listing the contents of the vinyl which had risen to No. 1 in only three weeks.
  • 'Annexure 1 : 'Hidden' Music Plays At Last 

    Macdonald, Iain (1996-08-24)
    The article describes the varying material forming part the Hidden Years archive which had been compiled over the years by David Marks. The article also provides some contextualisation pertaining to the racially charged ...
  • Finch and Henson Tour 

    Foxy's; Durban's Blue Bottles (19--)
    The short article promotes upcoming concerts of the Finch and Henson duo with a mention of their musical successes.
  • Ingenious Street Teenager Puts Together Soccer Game 

    Unknown author (19--)
    Article pertains to table-top soccer.
  • Folk Soiree 

    Minervini, Rina (19--)
    The first article relates to the folk soiree hosted by Des and Dawn Lindberg who were introducing new faces to the scene. The second article pertains to Garalt MacLiam and his upcoming show following his successful "Diary ...
  • Pw's Election Disc 'Goes Gold' 

    Claassen, P (1987-03-24)
    The article reflects on the "golden record" PW Botha was awarded for his propaganda single "Why you should vote NP".
  • The In Column 

    Aubrey, Ian; Calder, Clive (1968-10)
    The article reflects on the work of David Marks with specific reference to his work with Four Jacks and A Jill and Cornelia. Reference to their international exposure and putting South Africa on the music map as well as ...

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