• '14' Shabalala 

      Langa, Mauricio (2007-06-13)
      The article was written in reaction to the death of Shabalala. Some contextual information about the musician has been included alongside a mention of David Marks and 3rd Ear Music who had organised many of his shows.
    • 3rd Ear Music : Another Great South African Musician Passes On … 

      3rd Ear Music; The Hidden Years Music Archive Project (2007)
      The document resembles a short biography with colour photographs of Mlahleni Jame "14" Shabalala published by 3rd Ear Music and the Hidden Years Music Archive Project.
    • 3rd Ear Music : Shabalala 

      Marks, David; 3rd Ear Music (2007-06-14)
      The email requested Radio uKhozi to play one or two tracks of the remastered HY Archive Project copy of '14' Shabalala as a tribute to his death.
    • 3rd Ear Music and David Marks 

      Unknown author
      This document contains information on 3rd Ear Music as well as biographical information on David Marks.
    • 3rd Ear Music different leadership 

      Marks, David
      This document contains two items. The first document informs the recipient of the leadership of 3rd Ear Music and speaks about the local music industry and how it has changed. The second item contains handwritten information ...
    • 3rd Ear Music investors proposal 

      3rd Ear Music
      This document outlines why 3rd Ear Music needs investors. This document gives background and involvement of the company, music publishing, performance and artist management, record productions, record libraries, training ...
    • 3rd Ear Music News and Notes 

      3rd Ear Music (1993-12)
      This document is the newsletter of 3rd Ear Music and is a compilation of news, notes, Mark's home letters as well as local music news. This includes the projects for 1993, Tusk music-industry success story of Words or Ivory ...
    • 3rd Ear Music's commercial involvement 

      Radebe, Edmund
      This document lists all 3rd Ear Music's commercial involvements. This includes Madonsini, Umkhonto Ka Zulu and Sipho Mchunu.
    • Across the great Divide 

      Fataar, Steve
      This document discusses the arts and culture expansion in Durban and gives brief mention to Richie Havens.
    • African Children's Feeding Scheme 

      Keene, Pam
      Thank you letter for the recipients' performance at an event created by the African Children's Feeding Scheme.
    • African Heritage International Freedom Festival 

      Unknown author
      This document contains five items. The first document is from the Louisiana Committee Against Apartheid and schedules their first Africa Heritage International Freedom Festival. The second document is the official documentation ...
    • Afrikaner Life Lies Beyond Politics 

      de Klerk, W. A. (19--)
      The author of 'Puritans In Africa' reflects on Afrikaner history as well as the necessary changes needed to adapt to the changing South Africa.
    • Alan Pierce disconnect 

      Campbell, Tony
      This document asks whether the recipient has contact with Alan Pierce as well as an update on their current life.
    • Alfred Tennyson, A. E. Housman. Now This. : A Major Literary Critic Turns His Hand to the Matter of Bob Dylan : Dylan's Vision of Sin 

      Lethem, Jonathan (2004-06-13)
      The article pertains to a book written by Christopher Ricks on Bob Dylan and his status regarding being considered a poet in his own right.
    • All-Race Concert Organisers Bow Out of Permit Battle 

      Murdoch, Wynter (19--)
      The article reports on the abandonment of the Free People's Concert as a direct result result of permits. The organiser David Marks remarked that he was no longer interested in fighting what he defined as a 'losing battle' ...
    • Anatomy of A Deprived City 

      Unknown author (1970)
      The newspaper caption and black and white photograph depicts three woman with no smiles on their faces. The caption states, "The faces hold the story… the business of being a Sowetan".
    • 'Annexure 1 : 'Hidden' Music Plays At Last 

      Macdonald, Iain (1996-08-24)
      The article describes the varying material forming part the Hidden Years archive which had been compiled over the years by David Marks. The article also provides some contextualisation pertaining to the racially charged ...
    • Annexure 1 : Free People Concert 

      Unknown author
      The item is a collage of images taken during a free peoples concert.
    • Annexure 1 : Out of Hiding 

      Bell, Suzy
      The article expands on the inception of Third Ear Music as well as the establishment of the Hidden Years Project.