• The South African volunteers 

      Quin, Malcolm, 1854- ([Newcastle-on-Tyne : Church of Humanity], 1901-01-14)
      Malcolm Quin's response to the Mayor of Newcastle-on-Tyne's appeal for pecuniary aid for a public reception to the volunteers from the district, who have returned from South Africa.
    • The South African war 

      South African Conciliation Committee (London : South African Conciliation Committee, 1900-04)
    • The South African war : some poetry 

      Unknown author
      Poetry on the Anglo-Boer War.
    • South Africans revive Marx, even as some learn that he’s dead 

      Slabbert, F. van Zyl (Frederik van Zyl), 1940-2010
      Report by Roger Thurow, [The Wall Street Journal]: “South Africans revive Marx, even as some learn that he’s dead.”
    • The South Rand coal-field and its connexion with the Witwatersrand banket formation 

      Sawyer, Arthur Robert, 1854-1933; Federated Institution of Mining Engineers (London : Andrew Reid & Co., 1898)
      Paper by Arthur Robert Sawyer, read before the Federated Institution of Mining Engineers at their annual general meeting at Edinburgh, September 14th, 1897.
    • The South-African crisis 

      Kuyper, Abraham, 1837-1920 (London : Stop the War Committee, 1900-02)
      Reprinted from the Revue des deux mondes for February 1900.
    • The Soviet threat to Southern Africa 

      Slabbert, F. van Zyl (Frederik van Zyl), 1940-2010
      Paper presented at the SAIIA[South African Institute of International Affairs]/World Peace Foundation Conference, Hilton, Natal, 17 - 20 January, 1984.
    • Special meeting of Stellenbosch Discussion Forum 1994-08-11 

      Stellenbosch Discussion Forum
      Agenda and minutes of the Stellenbosch Discussion Forum and various other bodies and committees, 1994, including correspondence, reports and other information.
    • Speech 1985-04-24 

      Slabbert, F. van Zyl (Frederik van Zyl), 1940-2010
      Extract of speech delivered in Newton Park, Port Elizabeth during by-election campaign on 24 April 1985.
    • Speech by Mr. H.B. Higgins on the South African War 

      Higgins, H. B. (Henry Bournes), 1851-1929 (Melbourne : Robt. S. Brain, 1902-01-14)
      Reprinted from the Parliamentary debates of the Commonwealth of Australia, 14th January, 1902.
    • Speech delivered on behalf of the South African Association 

      Wyndham, George, 1863-1913 (Westminster : South African Association, 1898-03-09)
    • De spoorweg kwestie een weinig toegelicht 

      Burgers, Thomas François, 1834-1881 (Pretoria : Celliers & Rous, 1874-12-29)
      Dutch article by Thos. Burgers to explain the railway project.
    • Spoorweg overeenkomst betreffende exploitatie 

      Nederlandsche Zuid-Afrikaansche Spoorwegmaatschappij (Pretoria : "Volksstem" Drukkerij, 1896)
      Agreement in Dutch, between the railway administrations of the O.F.S. and the Z.A.R., 24 September 1896.
    • Die staat en die universiteit : terugblik en vooruitskouing 

      Thom, Hendrik Bernardus, 1905-1983
      Paper on the history and future of the state and the university, delivered at a symposium of the University of South Africa, 18 September 1980.
    • Staat en universiteit 

      Thom, Hendrik Bernardus, 1905-1983
      Address on state and university delivered at the opening of the new academic year, University of Port Elizabeth, 5 February 1982.
    • Staatkundige invloede van die Calvinisme 

      Thom, Hendrik Bernardus, 1905-1983
      Address on the political influences of Calvinism, delivered in Stellenbosch before the "Calvinistiese Bond", 3 September 1940.
    • Stamverwante belangen voor Noord- en Zuid-Nederland in Zuid-Afrika 

      Kamerlingh Onnes, O. (Gorinchem : J. Noorduyn & Zoon, 1906-08-28)
      A plea was made for language and economic freedom for the South African nation, at a Dutch language and literary Congress in Brussel on 28 August 1906.
    • Stanley, le roi des explorateurs 

      Joubert, Joseph (Angers : Germain & G. Grassin, 1905)
    • The Star and Barskyk. Referendum article 

      Slabbert, F. van Zyl (Frederik van Zyl), 1940-2010
      The Star. Referendum article. Afrikaans version published in: Die Suid-Afrikaan, no. 46, November/December 1993, p. 11, under the title: “Barskyk oorweeg ’n referendum”.
    • State of the Nation rally 

      Slabbert, F. van Zyl (Frederik van Zyl), 1940-2010
      Speech following the extention of the State of Emergency to the Western Cape at Claremont Civic Centre in public meeting.