• Stellenbosch, Annandale 

      Unknown author
      Photographs and information on a bell on the Annandale wine estate near Stellenbosch. There is a bell at Annandale Wine Estate outside Stellenbosch. It is a small bell of 30cm diameter and 25cm in height. It has been painted ...
    • Stellenbosch, Asara 

      Unknown author
      Photographs and information on a bell on the Asara wine estate outside Stellenbosch. The wine estate Asara outside Stellenbosch has a bell with a very unusual shape and has no inscriptions or decorations.
    • Stellenbosch, Christ Church 

      John Taylor & Company (Bellfounders)
      Photographs and information on the church bell of Christ Church (Reformed Anglican) in Stellenbosch. Christ Church is the Stellenbosch congregation of the Reformed Anglican Church denomination. On top of the church hangs ...
    • Stellenbosch, Delheim Wine Estate 

      Unknown author
      Photographs of the bell on Delheim wine estate near Stellenbosch. Delheim Estate has a bell of reasonable dimensions. However, the bell has been badly damaged and equally patched up. The resulting sound is dull and very ...
    • Stellenbosch, Dutch Reformed Church 

      Rincker (Firm)
      Stellenbosch, Nederduits Gereformeerede Moedergemeente In the Dutch Reformed Moederkerk of Stellenbosch we find a set of 6 bells that replaced three former bells with a very interesting history. In 1863 the new and ...
    • Stellenbosch, Dutch Reformed Church North 

      Unknown author
      Stellenbosch, Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk - Noord Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk - North: As the name suggests, the Church lies a bit on the Northside of the town in a quite area. The congregation dates from 1953. The ...
    • Stellenbosch, Elsenburg 

      Unknown author
      Photographs and information on a bell on the Elsenburg Agricultural College premises outside Stellenbosch. Outside Stellenbosch lies Elsenburg, an old farm that was turned into an agricultural college. The farm has a very ...
    • Stellenbosch, Ernie Els 

      John Warner & Sons
      Photographs and information on the bell on the Ernie Els wine estate near Stellenbosch. The Ernie Els Wine Estate outside Stellenbosch belongs to the golf player Ernie Els. In the tasting room of the estate hangs a copper ...
    • Stellenbosch, Evangelical Lutheran Church 

      Unknown author
      Stellenbosch, Evangelical Lutheran Church The Evangelical Lutheran Church Stellenbosch and Somerset West is situated in Stellenbosch. Like many other Lutheran churches, it has three bells, all coming from the Schilling ...
    • Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, Allee Bleue 

      Unknown author
      Photographs and information on the bell on Allée Bleue wine estate near Franschhoek. Allée Bleue Wine Estate close to Franschhoek is a more recent wine farm that started some 10 years ago. It has a bell tower in a construction ...
    • Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, Dutch Reformed Church 

      Unknown author
      The Franschhoek Dutch Reformed Church (Moederkerk) has a bell that hangs at the gate of the church in a horseshoe type construction. There are no inscriptions on the bell. The custodian of the church told us that the bell ...
    • Stellenbosch, Hazendal 

      Unknown author
      Photographs and information on a bell on Hazendal wine estate near Stellenbosch. Outside Stellenbosch in the Bottelary area the Hazendal Wine Estate is situated. The estate has a bell hanging in a horseshoe-type bell tower. ...
    • Stellenbosch, Koelenhof, Hartenberg Wine Estate 

      Unknown author (2023)
      Koelenhof, Hartenberg Wine Estate. The Hartenberg Wine Estate in Koelenhof has an impressive bell tower on its main parking lot. In the tower hangs a bell that is very similar to the bell in the Grande Roche Hotel in Paarl. ...
    • Stellenbosch, Kruythuis 

      Unknown author
      Photographs and description of the Kruithuis and its bell in Stellenbosch.
    • Stellenbosch, Lanzerac 

      Waylett, John
      Photographs and information on the bell at Lanzerac wine estate in Stellenbosch. One of the most intriguing bells in the Western Cape area is found at Lanzerac Wine Estate in Stellenbosch. The original farm transferred in ...
    • Stellenbosch, Meerlust 

      Frederici, Johann
      Photographs and information of the bell at Meerlust wine estate outside Stellenbosch. From a distance the Meerlust Wine Estate outside Stellenbosch has a very pretty bell with good dimensions, 30cm in height and close to ...
    • Stellenbosch, Morgenhof 

      Unknown author
      Photographs and information on a bell on Morgenhof wine estate outside Stellenbosch. he Morgenhof Wine Estate lies outside Stellenbosch. It has a bell that is nicely mounted in a horseshoe type construction. The bell has ...
    • Stellenbosch, Muldersvlei 

      Unknown author
      Photographs and information on bell on Muldersvlei estate near Stellenbosch. On Muldersvlei Estate, a farm that dates from 1817, we found a very simple bell in poor conditions of about 30cm in diameter. It has an almost ...
    • Stellenbosch, Nooitgedacht 

      Crombosch, Alewijn
      Photographs and information on a bell on Nooitgedacht estate outside Stellenbosch. The estate Nooitgedacht outside Stellenbosch houses one of the most important and beautiful bells of the entire Western Cape. The bell tower ...