• Carte de L'Isle de Madagascar 

      Bellin, Jacques Nicolas, 1703-1772
      Map. Line scales given. Title in plain cartouche bottom left. Plate number top right: No. 93 Stamp in bottom right corner: Depot de la Marine, with the fleur de lys; below the map is the price - trente Sols. Inset: ...
    • Isle d'Auphine 

      Sanson, Nicolas, 1600-1667
      Coloured map. Line scale given. Appears (uncoloured) in E. Klemp: Africa on maps dating from the 12th to the 18th century, 1968 (No. 73).
    • The South Part of Africa, and the Island Madagascar 

      Moll, Herman, d.1732
      Coloured map. Line scale given. Page number top right: 44 Appeared in eds. pub. 1729-1735 of H. Moll's "Atlas minor." 1732 is written in pencil in bottom right corner.