• Algemeene kaart, van de Colonie de Kaap de Goede Hoop 

      Bouchenroeder, Friedrich, Freiherr von (Mortier Covens en Zoon, 1806)
      Coloured map. Line scale given. This may be an enlargement of the map which appears in B.P. Bouchenroeder: Reize in de Binnenland van Zuid-Afrika, 1803. Mortier Covens en Zoon, 1806.
    • Caarte van de Kaap de Goede Hoop 

      Kolb, Peter, 1675-1726
      Map. Scale not given.
    • Cape Colony 

      Bond, H.; Warren, H.; Rapkin, J.; Tallis (John) & co. (John Tallis & Company, 1851)
      Coloured map. 5 inset vignettes and a medallion above Cape Town in bottom left corner. Some boundaries have been added by hand in water colour, blue and yellow.
    • Cape District Cape of Good Hope 

      De La Rochette, Louis Stanislas D'Arcy, 1731-1802 (Jas. Wyld, 1838)
      Coloured map. Line scale given. This is a later ed. of De La Rochette's map of 1795, "The Dutch Colony of the Cape of Good Hope, 2nd ed." The names of De La Rochette & the engraver are omitted & the title is changed, ...
    • Cape of Good Hope 

      Arrowsmith, John, 1790-1873 (J. Arrowsmith, 1842)
      Coloured map with overlay 24x12cm. Line scale given. An overlay continues the coastline north from Port Natal (Durban) to Delagoa Bay. The first ed. of this map appeared in 1834.
    • Cape of Good Hope (sea chart). [unidentified] 

      Unknown author
      Manuscript coloured chart. 3 insets : 1,"Aldus vertoondt Caap de Bona Esperanca als men uijt de west komt aan zijlen, gelekent op schip Westerdycks loertroen (?) 24 February Ao. 1720". - 2, "Taffel baaij...". - 3, "Aldus ...
    • A draught of Cape Bona Esperanca 

      Seller, John
      Coloured chart. Line scale given. Title within decorated cartouche is in top left corner & in top right is an inset of a fort; running across the top of the map is a view of Table Bay. Map has a large decorative scale ...
    • A draught of Cape Bona Esperanca 

      Seller, John
      Chart. Line scale given. Proof copy, - lines drawn to guide the lettering are still there.
    • A draught of Cape Bona Esperanca 

      Thornton, John, 1641-1708
      Chart. Line scale given. This map with some changes is a new ed. of that issued by John Seller in 1675. Seller & Thornton collaborated from 1675 onwards & produced several works including “The English pilot" in which ...
    • The Dutch Colony of the Cape of Good Hope 

      De La Rochette, Louis Stanislas D'Arcy, 1731-1802 (W. Faden, 1782)
      Map, coloured border. Line scales given. Depicts an area from Klipping Eyland to Caap Falso bounded on the east by the Draakenstein mountains. Lettered table of place names on the left.
    • General chart of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope 

      Barrow, John, Sir, 1764-1848
      Coloured map.
    • A map of the European territory of the Cape of Good Hope 

      Lichtenstein, Hinrich, 1780-1857 (H. Colburn, 1815)
      Map of the Cape of Good Hope.
    • A new and improved chart of the Cape of Good Hope, the Mozambique Passage & c. 

      Stephenson, J.; Norie, J.; Stuart, James; Smith, J.; Kruger, S.; Dampier, William, 1652-1715; Douglas; Heather, William, 1764-1812
      Chart. At foot, bottom left: Drawn by J. Norie, Teacher of Navigation, No. 157, Leadenhall Street. Insets: 5, and below them "A View of the Cape of Good Hope"; 1, A New Chart of Delagoa Bay, by Mr. James Stuart. - 2,... ...
    • Nieuwe Kaart van de Kaap der Goede Hoope en der na by gelegen Landen 

      Tirion, Isaak, d.1769? (Is. Tirion, 1763)
      Coloured map. Line scale given in bottom left corner in "Fransche Toises, of halve Roeden." This map (uncoloured) appears in "Hedendaagsche historie of tegenwoordige staat van Afrika", pub. Amsterdam, I. Tirion, 1763, p.683.
    • A plan of Cape Bona Esperance 

      Huddart, Joseph, 1741-1816 (Laurie & Whittle, 1794)
      Chart. Line scale given. Simple cartouche in centre & above it 6 "Views of the land". There are no decorations but an 8 point compass rose drawn in the bay. Inset: "Advertisement" to right of cartouche, giving information ...
    • Plan of harbour for Table Bay, Cape of Good Hope 

      Malby & Sons; Vetch, J.
      Coloured plan. Line scale given, also for inset. In top right corner, "From the Admiralty Survey, by Capt. Edwd. Belcher R.N.C.B. 1846." Inset: A chart of Table Bay including Robben Island, in bottom right corner.