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  • Prince Albert, United Reformed Church 

    Unknown author
    The Verenigde Gereformeerde Kerk of Prince Albert has an attractive shape with a detached bell tower. Both share the white and blue colours used for the paintings. The bell has the traditional moulding wires below the ...
  • Prince Albert, St. John the Baptist Anglican Church 

    Unknown author
    The bell in the St John the Baptist Anglican Church in Prince Albert hangs in a poorly constructed detached bell tower on the right of the church. The bell is also not very interesting, is poorly made and without any decoration.
  • Prince Albert, Dutch Reformed Church 

    Gillett & Bland (Firm); Soper, William G.
    The largest church in Prince Albert is the Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk. The congregation was started in 1842 but the current church dates from 1865. In the neat white tower are three bells in a decorative setup that is ...
  • Prince Albert, Klaarstroom, United Reformed Church 

    Bell, Charles Singleton; C. S. Bell (Firm)
    The Verenigde Gereformeerde Kerk in Klaarstroom also has a bell from the C.S. Bell Company in Hillsboro, Ohio. The company name refers to Charles Singleton Bell. The name of the founder does not appear on the bells as it ...
  • Laingsburg, Leeu-Gamka, Dutch Reformed Church 

    Petit & Fritsen (Firm)
    The Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk of Leeu-Gamka belongs to a congregation that was started in 1954. The church is modern in shape and has a very high bell tower that was unwise to climb. From the pictures it is obvious ...
  • Laingsburg, Dutch Reformed Church 

    J. Warner & Sons (Firm)
    The Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk Laingsburg belongs to the congregation that was established in 1882. The church is a very neat construction with a tower in which hangs a British bell. Below the shoulder in between two ...
  • Laingsburg, Evangelical Lutheran Church 

    Collier, Gustav
    A little outside of Laingsburg lies the Lutheran Church that, according to an inscription above the entrance door, dates from 1884. Detached from the church sits a neat bell tower with a bell that has been painted silver ...
  • Beaufort West, Old Town Hall 

    Baudoin, Eugene
    Photographs and information on the Old Town Hall museum in Beaufort West and its bells: The OLD TOWN HALL of Beaufort West is currently a museum that contains material about the early days of the town. However, on top of ...
  • Beaufort West, Dutch Reformed Church, Gamka East 

    Unknown author
    Photographs and information on the Dutch Reformed Church in Gamka East, Beaufort West, and its bells. On the West side of Beaufort West is the Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk of Gamka East. The congregation was started in ...
  • Beaufort West, Dutch Reformed Church 

    Mears, Thomas; Harringtons (Firm)
    Photographs and information on the Dutch Reformed Church in Beaufort West and its bells. The Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk belongs to the congregation that was established in Beaufort West in 1820 and is therefore one of ...
  • Beaufort West, Methodist Church 

    Rincker (Firm)
    Photographs and information on the church bell of the Methodist Church in Beaufort West. On the main street of Beaufort West there is the Methodist Church with a detached bell tower in front of the church building. The ...
  • Beaufort West, Christ Anglican Church 

    C. & G. Mears (Firm)
    Information and photographs of the Christ Anglican Church in Beaufort West. Along the same street in Beaufort West as the Old Town Hall and the DRC, one finds the Christ Anglican Church. This church has been constructed ...