Recent Submissions

  • Oudtshoorn, St. Saviour Catholic Cathedral 

    Petit & Fritsen (Firm)
    The St Saviour Catholic Cathedral in Oudtshoorn has been built by Carl O Hager and George Wallis. Originally the tower in the centre of the building was expected to house a set of four marvelous bells forged by Petit & ...
  • Oudtshoorn, St. Nicholas Catholic Church 

    Bochumer (Firm)
    On the East side of Oudtshoorn lies the St Nicholas Catholic Church. Next to the church is a thin and large tower that houses a set of three steel bells, one on top of the other. The inscriptions on the bells are rather ...
  • Oudtshoorn, St. Jude's Anglican Church 

    Unknown author
    Photographs and information on St. Jude's Anglican Church and its bell in Oudtshoorn. Oudtshoorn also houses the St Jude's Anglican Church. This Sophie Gray church has been built in 1880 by architect George Wallis and has ...
  • Oudtshoorn, Rooderandt Guest House 

    Unknown author
    Photographs and information on the slave bell of Rooderandt Guest House near Oudtshoorn. The Rooderandt Guest House outside Oudtshoorn has a slave bell that doesn’t have decorations.
  • Oudtshoorn, Dutch Reformed Church 

    Barwell, James
    Photographs and information on the Dutch Reformed Church and its bells in Oudtshoorn. The Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk in Oudtshoorn has one large bell that is incredibly hard to reach. It was impossible to take a picture ...
  • Oudtshoorn, Kangovallei Dutch Reformed Church 

    Petit & Fritsen (Firm)
    Photographs and information on the Kango Valley Dutch Reformed Church and its bell near Oudtshoorn. A few kilometers north of Oudtshoorn lies the Oudtshoorn Kangovallei Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk. Also this building ...
  • Oudtshoorn, C.P. Nel Museum 

    J. W. Benson (Firm)
    Photographs and information on the bells of the C.P. Nel Museum in Oudtshoorn. The C.P. Nel Museum in Oudtshoorn has a nice bell tower. The 5 bells in the C.P. Nel museum have a unique form. They are formed like basins ...