• Bergrivier, Aurora, Dutch Reformed Church 

      Unknown author
      The Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk in Aurora is a remarkable building by W.F. Ford from 1908. In the yard around the church stands a bell tower that houses a moderately sized bell that has a tin appearance. On one side are ...
    • Bergrivier, Aurora, United Reformed Church 

      Unknown author
      The United Reformed Church in Aurora has a small bell without indications on founder or founding year. Two modest moulding wires above the sound bow are the only decorations on the bell.
    • Bergrivier, Goedverwacht Moravian Church 

      Schilling, Franz Friedrich August
      Photographs and information on the bell of the Goedverwacht Moravian Church near Piketberg. Not too far from Piketberg, the Moravian Church houses a bell in a village called Goedverwacht. The bell sits in a stone bell-tower ...
    • Bergrivier, Piketberg, Dutch Reformed Church 

      Barwell, James
      Photograph of the Dutch Reformed Church in Piketberg, as well as a photograph of the church bell. Within the town of Piketberg the Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk of 1882 of Carl O. Hager has a bell in a neat horseshoe tower. ...
    • Bergrivier, Velddrif, Dutch Reformed Church 

      Unknown author
      The Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk in Velddrif has a very tall brick tower in which hangs a bell of fair dimensions and clearly well made. It is disarming that a bell of such dimensions does not offer us an indication about ...
    • Bergrivier, Wittewater Moravian Church 

      Lehmann, Theodor
      Photographs of the bell of the Wittewater Moravian Church near Piketberg. Somewhat closer to Piketberg lies the Wittewater Moravian Church. Also this bell sits in a simple but attractive tower that fits in wonderfully with ...