• Africa Secundum legitimas Projectionis Stereographicae regulas 

      Homann Heirs, firm
      Coloured map. Scale not given. Title within large cartouche (uncoloured) bottom left with figures of Europeans & natives, lions, elephant, rhinoceros etc. This map is a re-engraving of the 1737 ed. as there are changes ...
    • Africa vetus 

      Sanson, Nicolas, 1600-1667
      Coloured map. Scale not given.
    • Africa, from the latest authorities 

      Barlow (Bungay, Suffolk : C. Brightly & E. Kinnersley, 1806)
      Coloured map. Scale not given.
    • Africae accurata tabula 

      Visscher, Nicolaes, 1649-1702
      Coloured map. Scale not given. Title within cartouche top right, with a negro on either side & 2 angels below. Decorative dedication bottom left, to Gerard Schaep. At foot of map on the right: Cum Privilegio Ordin: ...
    • Africae nova descriptio 

      Blaeu, Willem Janszoon, 1571-1638
      Coloured map. Scale not given. Latin text on the reverse (incomplete) differs from that of Atlas major pub. by his son Johan Blaeu in 1662. This map may be from an ed. of the Appendix theatri... first pub. in 1631, or ...
    • Africae pars meridionalis cum promontorio Bonae Spei 

      Lotter, Tobias Conrad, fl.1778
      Coloured map. Scale not given. 3 insets at foot of map: in left corner, "Castellum Batavorum in Promontorio Bonae Spei of het Casteel de Goede Hoop"; in right corner, "Sinus Saldanhae or Saldanha Bay", & "Ager Prbmontorii ...
    • Africae propriae tabula 

      Ortelius, Abraham, 1527-1598
      Coloured map. Scale not given. First appeared in theatrum orbis terrarum, Addimentum IV (parergon) of 1591. At the bottom of the map in 2 decorated insets are a plan of Carthage and a list of sources. Latin text on ...
    • Africae Tabula Nova 

      Ortelius, Abraham, 1527-1598
      Coloured map. Scale not given. col.map 37x50cm. First appeared in A. Ortelius: Theatrum orbis terrarum of 1570. Simple cartouche with 2 armless statues of women; above the title is inscribed: Africam Graeci Lybyam ...
    • The African crocodile hunters 

      Clark, John Heavyside, ca. 1771-1830; Dubourg, [ ]
      Depicting a native figure, holding a knife in one hand, with the other (guarded) arm in the mouth of a crocodile in a river. Palm trees and two other figures in the background.
    • African Ethnology 

      Walton, James, 1911-1999
      Photographs depicting African ethnology.
    • The African rhinoceros 

      Daniell, Samuel, 1775-1811
      Large rhinoceros in foreground with two rhinos being hunted in the background.
    • Afrika Bank (Marktplein) Johannesburg 

      Unknown author (Haagsche Pro-Boer Vereeniging, 1900)
      Photograph depicting Afrika Bank (Market Square) in Johannesburg.
    • L'Afrique 

      Le Rouge, George Louis, fl. 1730-1780
      Coloured map. Scale not given. Large decorative title piece bottom left copied from Homan Heirs map in reverse. Inset: Notes on Africa in top left corner.
    • L'Afrique 

      Cordier; Jaillot, Alexis Hubert, 1632-1712 (Hubert Jaillot, 1674)
      Coloured map. Line scale given. Title above top border: L'Afrique distinguée en ses principales parties...
    • L'Afrique 

      Du Val, Pierre, 1618-1683
      Coloured map. Scale not given. "Possibly from the maps accompanying Du Val's "Geographia universalis", pub. in Nuremberg in 1685", Johannesburg Pub. Lib: Exhibition of decorative maps of Africa up to 1800, 1952, descriptive ...
    • L'Afrique divisee en ses principaux etats 

      Janvier, Le Sieur
      Coloured map. Scale not given. Above top right corner: No. 28 Title within cartouche bottom left with palm trees, crocodile etc.
    • L'Afrique dressee 

      Robert de Vaugondy, Gilles, 1688-1766
      Coloured map. 3 line scales given. In bottom right hand corner: Guill. Delahaye Sculpsit. Cartouche in top right corner depicting a native woman, on the left, reclining between 2 palms & leaning on an elephant's head, ...
    • Afrique meridionale 

      Brue, Adrien Hubert, 1786-1832
      Coloured map. Line scales given. Above top right corner: Atlas, en 65 feuilles, No. 53 Author of map is not given but on left centre side a circle with the words "Carte encyprotipe" is stamped; within this is printed: ...
    • L'Afrique Suivant les Nouvelles Observations 

      Aa, Pieter van der, 1659-1733
      Map. Line scale given. map 23x30cm. Decorated cartouche with title in top right corner showing elephants, a rider on horseback, a native riding a crocodile.
    • Agulhas, Le Centaur 

      Le Beurrier de La Riviere
      Photographs and information on a bell found in a private house in Agulhas. The bell was salvaged from a the French ship Le Centaur which stranded in 1750 in the False Bay area. In a private house we found another very ...